Athletes didn’t drag politics into sport – it was already there

The Pittsburgh Penguins found themselves in an untenable position this week. The 2017 Stanley Cup champions had a choice to make. They could tour the White House and meet the President of the United States, as previous winners have done, thereby enraging his many vocal detractors. Alternatively, they could skip the event, provoking the same…


WWYDW: Professional Tryouts

We’re now deep into the bargain bin section of summer free agency, the point where players are starting to accept tryout offers because there just aren’t that many guaranteed contracts on offer. In this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask which free agents still out there might be good fits for the Oilers….


Is Matt Benning ready to step into Edmonton’s defensive top four?

2016-17 Edmonton Oilers: No. 83 RD Matt Benning Matt Benning surpassed expectations last season. The former sixth-round pick of the Boston Bruins signed with the Oilers last August. It was a match which made sense on a lot of levels. Benning was from Edmonton originally, Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli was running the Bruins when Boston…


WWYDW: What would you be willing to do to bring in a franchise defenceman?

Let’s imagine, for a moment, a spectacularly unlikely hypothetical situation: The Los Angeles Kings crater next season. Further, the Kings determine that between their older core, their salary cap problems and their poor performance both during and post-Darryl Sutter, the timing is right for a rebuild. As a result, they determine to shop Drew Doughty…


Will the Oilers regret losing Jordan Oesterle?

2016-17 Edmonton Oilers: No. 82 LD Jordan Oesterle After three seasons of toiling in the minors, it looks like Jordan Oesterle could be about to become a full-time NHL defenceman. The only problem, at least from an Edmonton Oilers perspective, is the team he’s set to make that transition with: The Chicago Blackhawks. Oesterle signed…