Darnell Nurse and his next contract

One of the biggest storylines this season is going to surround Darnell Nurse. The 24-year-old rearguard had his best season in the NHL last year scoring a career-high 41 points in 82 games while playing a career-high 23:49 a night.


Dear Jesse…

Dear Jesse, I know you probably won’t see this. But that’s okay, I wanted to write to you anyways.


One for one, but it’s actually good

To say that signing Milan Lucic was a mistake is easy in hindsight. He came to Edmonton on a contract nobody knew was good, but there was at least a glimmer of hope he would provide a few decent years for the Oilers.


Revisiting McDavid’s deal

Two years ago yesterday, one of the best contracts in NHL history was signed. Connor McDavid put pen to paper on a precedent-setting eight-year, $100,000,000 contract. Let’s look back at how valuable he is today, and how it changed some recent contract negotiations.


‘Twas the night before Free Agent Frenzy…

‘Twas the night before Free Agency Frenzy, when all through the league, every creature was stirring including in lieu of overfatigue, the contracts were near done by the GM’s with care, in hopes that their fans think they’d be fair.