My birthday wish

Ah, yes, another year around the sun. My 24th came yesterday and knowing well I had my weekend columns to write here, I got thinking about what I want most for the Edmonton Oilers.


Darnell Nurse and his next contract

One of the biggest storylines this season is going to surround Darnell Nurse. The 24-year-old rearguard had his best season in the NHL last year scoring a career-high 41 points in 82 games while playing a career-high 23:49 a night.


Dear Jesse…

Dear Jesse, I know you probably won’t see this. But that’s okay, I wanted to write to you anyways.


One for one, but it’s actually good

To say that signing Milan Lucic was a mistake is easy in hindsight. He came to Edmonton on a contract nobody knew was good, but there was at least a glimmer of hope he would provide a few decent years for the Oilers.


Revisiting McDavid’s deal

Two years ago yesterday, one of the best contracts in NHL history was signed. Connor McDavid put pen to paper on a precedent-setting eight-year, $100,000,000 contract. Let’s look back at how valuable he is today, and how it changed some recent contract negotiations.