Missed Opportunities

The Edmonton Oilers dominated the Toronto Maple Leafs last night. They outshot them 41-23. They had 89 shot attempts to the Leafs’ 47. But they lost 1-0. When you’re sitting in 14th place in the Western Conference and seven points out of a playoff spot on December 10th, playing well and losing doesn’t offer much…


Three Thoughts: Next Year is Here

After taking two much-needed points in a 6-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens, the Edmonton Oilers played well enough to get two more against the Toronto Maple Leafs Sunday, but ended up losing 1-0 in a game they should have – there is no “deserved” in hockey – won. All told, it was a very…


Pointing Fingers

Before the game against Philly, I was optimistic about the Oilers. They had won three of their last four and were heading into a game against a struggling Flyers team. This was going to be the streak they needed, I just had a feeling.


A hindsight look at Peter Chiarelli’s gruesome trading record

The Edmonton Oilers have trudged through quite a strange and unpredictable couple of seasons since much-maligned Peter Chiarelli has taken the reins as the team’s general manager. From drafting Connor McDavid and acquiring Cam Talbot, to flipping Taylor Hall and handing out a disgusting contract to Milan Lucic, Chiarelli’s performance during his time in Edmonton…


Theories why the Oilers are losing

As the Oilers’ struggles continue, everyone is looking for answers. Men naturally like to be problem solvers. Most wise married men have learned when your wife discusses her frustration, it is best to just say, “I understand how that could upset you,” instead of beginning with, “Why don’t you try this,” or “I think you…


Talk is Cheap

The saying is that talk is cheap, but that hasn’t stopped NHL coaches from going off on their teams over the decades in an effort to grab their attention when things are upside down and on fire. I’ve been party to a few rants covering the Edmonton Oilers over the years and there have been…


It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas for Todd

There’s so much for Todd McLellan to be happy about. He gets to coach Connor freaking McDavid, he has the keys in his hands to what is supposed to be one of the most exciting franchises in the NHL, a young team, a new barn, and a passionate fan base. Yet, just like Charlie Brown,…


Can’t Score if You Won’t Shoot

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take,” Wayne Gretzky. The Edmonton Oilers had one shot on goal in four minutes of powerplay time last night. They trailed 3-2 and went on the PP with 3:43 remaining in the game. They had a glorious opportunity to tie the game on the man advantage, but…


Top 10 Unsung Heroes: Kris Russell (6)

I admire and respect players like Kris Russell because he’s one of those guys willing to contribute what he can and do whatever it takes to win — dirty, grunt work like blocking shots and banging bodies. Russell gives you all he’s got, even if, in the eyes of some, it’s just never good enough….


Monday Musings: Learning curves

It would be fantastic to compose a chart that monitors the progress of all NHL players because so many of them take dips or have surges at unexpected times. Daniel Sedin scored his 1000th point on the weekend, joining brother Henrik as the only brother combo in NHL history to surpass 1000 points. Daniel is…


Searching for Stopgaps

Laurent Brossoit held in, with help from a TJ Brodie own-goal, for the win against Calgary Saturday night. Brossoit has let in five goals in two starts since Cam Talbot was placed on injured reserve. It’s hard to blame him for all of the goals. The Russell own-goal can be forgiven, but the goal-line flubs…


Round two Davy

When the rules for the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft were announced last year a lot of people had pencilled Brandon Davidson as the Oiler that would most likely be claimed if left exposed. Fearing that they would lose him for nothing the Oilers moved him at the trade deadline for an array of reasons. Today…