Oilersnation Everyday: The Oilers are back in action!

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Liam Horrobin
6 months ago
We have made it to the other side of the Edmonton Oilers five day break!
Tonight, the Oilers will go head-to-head with the Carolina Hurricanes at Rogers Place. The two battled it out the other week, and things did not go well for Edmonton. The Oilers were down 4-0 early in the first period, resulting in Stuart Skinner getting yanked and replaced by Calvin Pickard.
The first two periods were miserable, but the third felt like a turning point. Edmonton pushed much harder in the third and looked like a real hockey team. From that moment on, the team hasn’t looked back, winning four games in a row.
Can they make it five wins in a row tonight?
Tyler Yaremchuk and Liam Horrobin will be around for a Sherwood Ford GIANT Pre-Game show edition of Oilersnation Everyday. Along with Tyler and Liam, Jay Downton will join the show to help you prepare for tonight’s Edmonton Oilers action. On top of that, Jay will have his chance to boast about taking the lead in the Betway game day bets challenge despite having the worst record.
If you want to contribute to the show, head to the Oilersnation YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button. From there, you can leave your questions, comments and concerns in the Finning/CAT YouTube live chat throughout the show.

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