Which movie character is Connor McDavid?

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By Woz
1 year ago
With San Diego Comic-Con coming to a wrap, it had me wondering: What movie character would you compare to Connor McDavid?! I posed the question to Nation Citizens across social media and took your answers from Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and put them all together in this here article.
Lauren on Instagram compared Connor McDavid to the Green Power Ranger. Now this might be the one reference I don’t understand,  I never watched or followed Power Rangers much. However, I’ll believe it anyway as it gained a lot of love on Instagram. “He’s all about the team, but slightly more elite than the others.” Oh, how true that is!?
This next comment, yes, I one hundred percent agree. However, that’s all I can really say about Johnny Sins on here.  Great actor though, always finishes the job!
Now the character that was brought up more than a few times was John Wick. The more I think about it, Connor McDavid is as unstoppable, lethal, crafty & somewhat quiet just like John Wick. No one else terrifies goaltenders and defenceman like Connor McDavid..or should I say… Baba Yaga.

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How about superheroes? Safe to say The Flash is understandable. With what we’ve seen maybe it’s time to start asking if Connor is faster than The Flash??
And lastly the character I didn’t expect to come up..Thanos? First of all, why didn’t The Avengers recruit or know about Connor McDavid? I truly believe he would’ve been too much for Thanos & we wouldn’t need two films to close out the Infinity Saga. Connor McDavid deserves his introduction into the MCU at this point. And second, I can see why people may think Connor is as powerful as Thanos on the ice. Wait, if Connor is Thanos then is he viewed as a super-villain? I guess for opposing teams that would make sense!
Which movie character would you compare Connor McDavid with?! Personally, for me, it has to be Luke Skywalker as Connor was deemed A New Hope when the Oilers drafted him, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s been 1000% accurate so far. Anyone we missed?

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