Needless to say, the first period of last night’s game was not so hot. The Oilers came out flat and found themselves down 2-0 and had their work cut out for them to get back in it. For the first time this season, the Oilers and Blues both went to a shootout. The skills competition from the Oilers that followed was a worthwhile revisit.

The Nuge:

The first shooter for the Blues had scored and so the pressure was on the baby-faced killer to keep the Oil in this one and then he did this:
The Nuge came in with good pace and showed all kinds of patience which got Jake Allen fully committed to the play, and he effortlessly put it over top of Allen to tie the shootout at ones.


After Cam made another solid save off some guy named Tarasenko, up stepped the Captain.
Far be it from me to doubt the man himself but that felt “too slow”. I am sure I wasn’t the only guy who was worried about it but ho boy was I wrong. Connor, just like Nugey before, just makes Allen scramble and snaps it home.


The man who was attacked (online) early in the game, kept these guys in it for the rest of the game. It was only fitting that he was able to stop one last shooter to win it all.
He needed it in the worst way and did he ever deliver. The guy just stood tall and gave the shooter nothing to shoot at.
It was a great comeback and it was a great win for Cam.