GDB +4.0: Stayin’ Alive (7:45pm MT, SNW)

Backs against the wall, the Edmonton Oilers have a monstrous hill to climb as they face elimination for the first time in their series against the Winnipeg Jets. Can the boys keep their playoff dreams alive? We shall see.


GDB +3.0: Backs Against the Wall (5:30pm MT, CBC)

I know that today’s game doesn’t technically count as a must-win situation for the Edmonton Oilers, but it’s about as close as it gets since going down 3-0 in the series would be nothing short of disastrous. Win and you’re alive, lose and you’re at a standing eight count. The first round is well underway…


GDB +2.0: Oilers Need to Throw Caution To the Wind (7pm MT, CBC)

Playoff hockey is not for the faint of heart. Teams can’t feel their way into a series, or they will be booking tee times at the golf course much quicker than they want. Oilers head coach Dave Tippett stated it was a “cautious” game overall on Wednesday. The Oilers didn’t give up much defensively, but…


GDB +1.0: The Matchup Game (7pm MT, CBC)

After playing each other nine times in the past four months, the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets aren’t expecting any major surprises from the opposition. “They might make some small adjustments after the success we had against them, but I don’t think you will see major changes,” said Oilers blueliner Tyson Barrie. So what might…


GDB 56.0: Closing Time (1:30pm MT, SNW)

We’re nearly at the finish line, dear friends, but we’ve still got one more game left on the schedule to get ourselves set for the postseason. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get ourselves ready for the final regular season game day of the year. 


GDB 55.0: Looking to Move Up The Standings (3pm MT, SNW)

Edmonton is locked into second spot in the North Division. They will face the Winnipeg Jets in the opening round of the playoffs. Their remaining two games won’t impact the North standings, but they still have something to play for due to this season’s playoff format.


GDB 54.0: Oilers Say Goodbye to Meaningless Games (5pm MT, SNW)

Far too often in the past 15 seasons, the Edmonton Oilers limped down the stretch, playing meaningless games. It was dreadful for all involved — not fun for the players to play, fans to watch or for reporters to report on. Usually, you heard the overused phrase from the opposing team on how the Oilers…


GDB 53.0: Let’s Try That Again (8pm MT, CBC)

We’re coming down the home stretch, dear friends, but even though our beloved Oilers already have a playoff spot locked up, it doesn’t mean that there’s not still work left to do. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready for game day.