GDB +9.0: Entertainment Plus Execution (8:30pm MT, Sportsnet)

“Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is that not why you are here?” – Maximus Decimus Meridius. It is one of the most memorable lines from the epic film Gladiator. The NHL isn’t life or death, like being a Gladiator in the Roman Empire, but both unfold in highly emotional arenas.


GDB +8.0: Bring On The Battle (7:30pm MT, SNW)

It has been 31 years since Alberta experienced a Stanley Cup playoffs Battle of Alberta, but the past three days have made it feel like 35 years. The anticipation, angst and excitement for both Oilers and Flames fans is at a level they haven’t enjoyed in decades. And it will only increase once the puck…


GDB +7.0: Closing Time (8pm MT, CBC)

Game 7, baby, this is what it’s all about. If you had told me before this series started that it would take seven games to find a winner, I’m not sure I would have believed you. If I’m being honest, I thought the Oilers were going to have their way with this series but as…


GDB +6.0: A Must Win Game (8pm MT, SNW)

For the first time this season the Edmonton Oilers are in a legitimate must-win situation. Lose tonight and their season is over. Win, and they return to Edmonton for game seven on Saturday night. They know the situation, and if they want to avoid another disappointing first-round upset they will need a focused effort right…


GDB +5.0: Oilers Need A Good Start (8pm MT, CBC)

While many of the statistics, possession numbers and zone time favour the Edmonton Oilers, there is one situation they need to improve. “We need a good start,” said Duncan Keith. “I don’t think our starts have been where we want them. We need to recognize the moment and feed off our crowd.”


GDB +4.0: Kick ‘Em While They’re Down (8pm MT, CBC)

Game 4, baby! Let’s do this thing. I don’t know about you fine folks that are reading this, but I could not be more excited about tonight’s game. Not only are the boys firing on all cylinders and seemingly scoring goals at will, but the way they’re winning is so dominant that it’s hard not…


Momentum is a hell of a thing

The Oilers are in sunny SoCal today for game three of their best of seven series against the LA Kings. After throttling LA in game two, it’s easy to feel confident about this Oilers team right now. Yes, game one was a bit of a rough one but I think if we consider how game…


GDB +2.0: Ratamoto (8pm MT, SNW)

Kailer Yamamoto is always smiling. His youthful exuberance and fun-loving personality make him a popular teammate. But when the game starts his on-ice persona is much different. He becomes Kailer Ratamoto. Despite his diminutive size, Yamamoto has become extremely annoying to play against.


GDB +1.0: McDavid Ready To Breakout (8pm MT, CBC)

Connor McDavid has already won two Hart trophies as the league’s most valuable player. He’s won three Ted Lindsay awards as the NHL’s most outstanding player. He’s four four Art Ross trophies as the league’s top scorer. Despite that impressive resume, I think McDavid is going to take his game to another level this postseason.


GDB 82.0: Final Rehearsal (7pm MT, SNW)

The 82-game regular season rehearsal comes to end tonight for the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks will fly back to Vancouver after the game, and then have exit interviews with their coaches and management on Saturday, before going their separate ways for the summer. Meanwhile, the Edmonton Oilers will prepare for the Los…