GDB 74.0: SpOiler Role (7pm MT, SN1)

Stop me if you’ve read this before. The Oilers are once again in the unenviable position to play Spoiler. In case you’ve forgotten, you likely read about it here, or many other places over the past decade. I won’t get into the painful details of how they got here, and in fact, after reading the…


GDB 73.0: Reduce the Risk (6pm MT, SN1)

Some idioms are more popular than others. There are the often used “hit the hay,” or “kill two birds with one stone.” I’ve found males like to use them more often, specifically fathers. I guarantee you can quote a saying or idiom your father used throughout your childhood and into your adult life. You likely…


GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Golden Knights

Viva Las Vegas! After a gritty 3-2 overtime win in Arizona last night, the Oilers will finish off their back-to-back in the desert with a date with the Golden Knights. Here are your game day notes.


GDB 72.0: Win it for our road trip crew! (8pm MT, SNW)

For the second time in as many nights, the Edmonton Oilers will face off against a Pacific Division rival to try and secure a four-point swing in the standings and maintain pace in the Wild Card race. Can it be done? We’re only a few short hours from finding out.


GDB 70.0: Dance with the Devils (7:30 pm MT, SN1)

The NHL can be extremely ruthless. While players and management respect each other they won’t hesitate to pile on when you hit a rough patch. That is the reality of the league, and right now the New Jersey Devils are decimated by injuries. Reigning Hart Trophy winner, Taylor Hall, is out with a knee injury,…


GDB 69.0: Koskinen Returns (7pm MT, SNW)

There will be no single saviour riding in on a white horse to save the Edmonton Oilers. The closest thing to a franchise-changer arrived in June of 2015, and even Connor McDavid, as great as he is, couldn’t make the Oilers a consistently competitive team. It is a team sport — arguably the ultimate team…


GDB 67.0: Staying Alive (7pm MT, SNW)

I was 20 years old the first time I watched Saturday Night Fever, fifteen years after it was released. The 1977 disco film wasn’t a classic, but the soundtrack was, and still is, one of the greatest soundtracks of all-time. It remains one of the best-selling soundtracks of all-time. The Bee Gees performed seven songs,…


GDB 66.0: Looking for Positives (5pm MT, SN1)

Watching the final 25 games of the season unfold without any playoff hope has become far too common for Oilers fans. Some years it was incredibly painful, while others seasons produced glimmers of hope. What can we make of the final stretch this season?