GDB 16.0: Keep the Streak Alive (5pm MT, SNW)

Sports is filled with outliers. Whether it is individual players or a team, every year someone is doing something unexpected, and sometimes those extend into seasons. On rare occasions, they extend to a full decade. Oilers fans have witnessed a lot of frustration, mainly from seeing the most losses in the NHL since 2007. It…


GDB 14.0: C+C Goal Factory (5pm MT, SNW)

Anyone who hit a club in the early 1990s remembers C+C Music Factory’s great song Gonna Make You Sweat. Even if you had two left feet, you’d still hit the dance floor when the DJ cranked it up. C+CMF cranked out a few other solid tunes in Here We Go, Keep it Comin and Just…


GDB 12.0: The Yawney Effect (7pm MT, SNW)

The Edmonton Oilers allowed the fifth most goals at 5×5 last season, but they scored the 11th most at 5×5. Scoring goals wasn’t their downfall, preventing them was. Their team defence and goaltending has to improve this season, but they really need an upgrade in play from their defencemen if they want to compete for…


GDB 11.0: Out Like a Lion (7pm MT, SNOil)

“In like a lion, out like a lamb,” or “in like a lamb, out like a lion,” are proverbs connected to weather and the month of March. Folklore has led many to believe if the March starts off with cold, stormy weather (Lion), then it would end on a pleasant warm note (Lamb). Or if…


GDB 10.0: In Chicago for two points and a deep dish (4pm MT, SN360)

How do you guys feel about back-to-back afternoon games after yesterday’s big win? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Personally, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid pretty hardcore after beating the Preds and I’m jacked up and ready for another game. With that, I welcome you to yet another daylight hours edition of the Oilersnation GDB.