GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Flames

Well, here we are. The Oilers will wrap up the 2018-19 season with a Saturday night edition of the Battle of Alberta in Calgary. While the Flames have Stanley Cup aspirations and the Oilers will be watching the draft lottery, it would be nice to finish out the season on a positive note by giving…


GDB 81.0: Fans and Players Saying Goodbye (7pm MT, SNW)

Great NHL teams do it. So do good teams. Bad teams see it occur the most. What is it? Roster changes. From the end of one season to the beginning of the next. It is inevitable in sports, and while I watch tonight’s game I’ll be wondering how many players will play their final home…


GDB 80.0: Playing out the string (7pm MT, SNW)

After last night’s tough loss in Vegas, the Oilers won’t have much time to rest as they’re right back at it again tonight against the Colorado Avalanche, the team that officially eliminated Edmonton from playoff contention.


GDB 77.0: Chiasson Contract (7pm MT, SNW)

Alex Chiasson was drafted 38th overall by the Dallas Stars in the 2009 entry draft and began his NCAA career with Boston College three months later. He played three seasons with the Terriers before debuting in the AHL with the Texas Stars for the 2012/2013 season. He was recalled by Dallas late in the season…


GDB 76.0: Scouting Report (7pm MT, SNW)

Watching a game in full speed, even with slow motion replay, we often miss things. You can then look at what the stats and analytics say, but they too will miss specific details. Often you have to watch video repeatedly to get a better understanding of what is going right, or more often, what is…


GDB 74.0: SpOiler Role (7pm MT, SN1)

Stop me if you’ve read this before. The Oilers are once again in the unenviable position to play Spoiler. In case you’ve forgotten, you likely read about it here, or many other places over the past decade. I won’t get into the painful details of how they got here, and in fact, after reading the…


GDB 73.0: Reduce the Risk (6pm MT, SN1)

AHOY Some idioms are more popular than others. There are the often used “hit the hay,” or “kill two birds with one stone.” I’ve found males like to use them more often, specifically fathers. I guarantee you can quote a saying or idiom your father used throughout your childhood and into your adult life. You…


GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Golden Knights

Viva Las Vegas! After a gritty 3-2 overtime win in Arizona last night, the Oilers will finish off their back-to-back in the desert with a date with the Golden Knights. Here are your game day notes.