Team Canada Game Day Preview: Game Three vs Switzerland

The first two games of the tournament have been ugly for Team Canada. They beat up on Germany in their opening game and honestly, it was tough to watch. Their second game against Slovakia was ugly for a whole different reason. Canada just straight up did not play well. Yes, they still won the game…


Team Canada Game Day Preview: Game Two vs Slovakia

Well, Canada’s tournament got off to a bit of an ugly start. Yes, they won their opening game, in an almost historic fashion, but I’ll be honest, it was tough to watch. Germany was playing for the second night in a row and had just 14 skaters due to COVID-19 issues. On the best of…


GDB +4.0: Motivation to Avoid Elimination (4:45pm MT, SNW)

The 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs are unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. The qualifying round isn’t technically the playoffs, but the stats will be and the feeling of agony and elation after winning a playoff series will be the exact same. Tonight, six teams face elimination on the same day. The Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators, @Pittsburgh…


GDB +3.0: Will Matchups Change? (8:30pm MT, SNW)

The Chicago Blackhawks earned a split in the first two games, gained home ice advantage, and now they play a pivotal game three in front of their raucous fans in the famed Madhouse on Madison. Nope. Not in 2020. The only changes tonight are the teams switch benches and the Blackhawks get last change. In…


Game Notes: Hawks @ Oilers, Game 2

That did not go according to plan. The Oilers got shocked by the Blackhawks in Game 1, dropping the series-opener by a score of 6-4. The team is now in an early must-win situation to avoid going down 2-0 in the best-of-five series.


GDB +1.0: Let the games begin (1pm MT, SNW)

Welcome, dearest Internet friends, to what can only be described as a very exciting morning here at the Nation as it’s finally time to get ourselves set for Game 1 of the play-in series between our beloved Edmonton Oilers and the Chicago Blackhawks.


GDB -1.0: First ever pre-playoff game (8:30pm MT, SNW)

Let’s hope we never have to watch another pre-playoff game in our lifetime. A global pandemic put the NHL in this unique situation, and while it will be something we all remember in the future, I hope we don’t have to experience it again. That being said, the intrigue for tonight’s Battle of Alberta is…


Sportsnet to replay the Battle of Alberta from January 11th

Saturday night without hockey is a weird and strange place to be, but thankfully, Sportsnet will be replaying some classic games tonight to try and fill the void. In the late slot, they’ve got round three of the Battle of Alberta from January 11th on deck which was the first time Kassian and Tkachuk met…


GDB 71.0: Conference Contention (7pm MT, SNW)

In a playoff race, every game matters. But some games have bigger playoff implications and tonight is one for both the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. After tonight, the Oilers’ next five games are against Eastern Conference teams followed by four games against Western Conference teams who aren’t competing for a playoff spot in the…


GDB 70.0: Win and You Are In (7pm MT, SNW)

The Edmonton Oilers are a good hockey team. However, due to missing the playoffs in 12 of the previous seasons some fans are still avoiding uttering the “P” word. Playoffs for the Oilers have been harder to come by than buying a bag of toilet paper at Costco recently. But trust me, Edmonton is making…