It seems as though the 2009 FMNF movement has taken a crippling shot to the beans with former Head Coach Craig MacTavish returning to the Oilers as the "Senior Director of VP of the Hockey Operations and Tambellini creeping." 
The heartwarming reaction from Oilers fans everywhere – jacked for the return of the guy who kept #14 warm while Jordan Eberle lifted super heavy weights as a child – can be heard all around the world.
Back in the day  it was tough times in the OilersNation. The team wasn’t particularly good, having failed to make the playoffs three years in a row. The General Manager at the time – Steve Tambellini – decided that MacT had lost the room and taking quick action (one of his many strengths) he let the Coach go at the end of the 2008-09 season.
This came about 2 years after most Oilers fans had decided that the silver Fox needed to go. "Yeah he took the team to G7 of the SCF sure" went the thinking at the time, "but now he is a brutal Coach. Look at how poorly he treats The Patrick O’Sullivan. It’s almost as though he is incapable of getting any production whatsoever from the staggering talent that is Jesse Boulerice."
Things got so heated that we developed a working theory that the London, Ontario native was actually a parasitic host for an Alien King during that final season. Our theories were never conclusively dismissed using The Science, but complete silence on the matter from Oilers brass led us to believe we were closer to the mark than many would have you believe,
Anywhoo, the 09 departure of MacT and the strategic introduction of Pat Quinn and Tom Renney as Co-Coaches of the team was seen by many as a win over the Boys on the Bus Regime – defiantly clinging to power despite consecutive seasons of 5th, 4th and 4th in the Northwest.
OilersNation had fully turned into a MacT Bash-A-Thon and 99% of the comments were either demanding his head on a platter or vehemently agreeing with the previous comment that MacT’s head should be placed on a platter. It was all we could all talk about and the uproar got so loud that we had to coin a snazzy acronym to try and calm everyone down.


The summer of 2012 is a very different place you see. The Oilers have climbed out of the basement of the NHL to the dizzying heights of 29th place. Head Coaches are no longer summarily dismissed because the GM failed to address the holes in the lineup year after year after year after year.
So welcome back Craig MacTavish. He who was the 2009 problem is most certainly the 2012 solution and your eventual replacement of Steve Tambellini will finally take the crushing load of responsibility off of the shoulders of Kevin Lowe who has had to both secretly run the team and take the GM paychecks to get signed for far too long now.


2009 polls are hilarious.