Game Notes Sharks @ Oilers: How does Koskinen Improve?

Since Cam Talbot was traded on February 15th, Mikko Koskinen has started 22 games. That is tied for the most in the NHL. I understand playing him a lot, but starting 22 of 23 games is overkill. If he was playing as well as Darcy Kuemper, also 22 starts, then sure, I could see the…


Game Notes Oilers @ Avalanche: Out of Playoffs Annoys McDavid

It is official. The Edmonton Oilers will miss the playoffs for the 12th time in 13 years. Terrible, pathetic, vomit-inducing — there are a variety of adjectives and terms you could use, but they all lead to frustration. The Oilers current run of ineptitude isn’t the worst in the NHL, but they are one year…


Game Notes Oilers @ Golden Knights: Depth Scoring Needed

The good news Oilersnation is the Oilers made it to April without being officially eliminated from the playoffs. The bad news is they’ve been unofficially out of it for a few weeks. If the Colorado Avalanche pick up a point tonight, or in any of their four games this week, the Oilers will be eliminated….


Game Notes Stars @ Oilers: Double Hatties

I have a question regarding the Oilers’ offensive outburst against the Los Angeles Kings. If you were there, what was your reasoning to not throw your hat after Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored a first-period Hatty, but then when Leon Draisaitl scored his in the third frame you decided to let it fly? Did you get caught…


Game Notes Kings @ Oilers: Finding Leadership

We are two weeks away from another “important off-season” in Edmonton Oilers history. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The Oilers should not be closer to the draft lottery than a playoff spot, but that’s their reality. A new GM will be hired, followed by a new coach. But what about other changes. Will…


GDB Game Notes: Senators @ Oilers

While the leadership of the Oilers and Senators are seemingly engaged in a battle to see who can produce the biggest public relations nightmare in the media this week, the actual Oilers and Senators will play a matinee hockey game in Edmonton on Saturday afternoon.


Game Notes: Playing out the Season and Trade Talk

When you are out of the playoff race players look for different things to motivate them. I don’t buy into the play-without-pressure theory and how it is easier to play games when there is nothing on the line.  Opposing players and coaches have said this for years, only because they don’t want to say the…


GDB Game Notes: Koskinen

Mikko Koskinen has allowed some goals on his glove hand side. Some have looked stoppable, no question, but he’s also made many great saves, and while he isn’t Andrei Vasilevskiy, he isn’t near the bottom of the NHL goalie tree either. He is pretty much right around average. Ideally, he will need to improve his…


Game Notes Devils @ Oilers: An Unseen Force

It is invisible, but you can feel it pulling at you. Slowly. You try to fight it. You dig your feet in, lean back and try not to get sucked in deeper, but because you can’t see it you don’t know when it will try to lure you back. Some of you go willingly, not…


Game Notes NYR @ EDM: GM Search

It must be frustrating when you finally play solid hockey, clamp down defensively, get solid goaltending, some complementary scoring and go 7-1-1 in nine games, but don’t make up any ground in the playoff race. That is the Oilers’ reality this morning. They went 6-2-2 in their last ten games, but are no closer to…