Blues 7, Oilers 2: The towel has officially been thrown in

While it isn’t technically over, last night’s miserable showing against the St. Louis Blues was the unofficial end to the Oilers’ season. The Oilers got completely slammed over the course of 60 minutes by a good team driving in playoff mode. This team just isn’t good enough.


GDB 72.0 Wrap Up: Kosk-and-in, Oilers lose 6-3 in Vegas

I love watching the Vegas Golden Knights. They are one of the best stories in sports the past couple years and should be talked about way more. This is an expansion team and they’ve been much better than the Edmonton Oilers who have been rebuilding for, well, ever. Maybe we’re seeing future Oilers GM Kelly…


Oilers 4, Sabres 3 post-game Oil Spills: Stayin’ Alive

The Oilers are showing a lot of resilience recently. Despite having a very steep uphill battle to reach the playoffs, the team has played hard and well in recent weeks. Last night in Buffalo, the Oilers were down 3-1, but didn’t give up and clawed their way to a 4-3 win.