Saying goodbye to Mark Letestu

Ahh, I didn’t miss these days. After last year, I think we all thought the days of having to say goodbye to the “good guys” at the Trade Deadline were over. Yesterday, the Edmonton Oilers traded Mark Letestu to the Nashville Predators (he was subsequently moved to Columbus for a 4th round pick) for the incoming…


Throwback to the 2007 deadline (sorry in advance)

I talked earlier about the legendary 2006 trade deadline (well, few weeks leading up to the 2006 trade deadline) that ultimately netted the Oilers Dwayne Roloson, Sergei Samsonov, and Jaroslav Spacek which propelled the team on a run to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. But as memorable as that year’s deadline was, the…


Throwback to the 2006 trade deadline

It’s been a pretty slow trade deadline day, which is something we’ve gotten used to in the salary cap era. From an Oilers perspective, this year’s deadline isn’t all too exciting because it just signals the selling of players we expected to watch on a deep playoff run. Let’s look back on the most memorable…


Patrick Maroon’s brother is gearing up for a trade

It’s trade deadline day eve and the Oilers’ biggest rental asset still hasn’t been moved. The team dealt Mark Letestu and Brandon Davidson, but their most coveted asset, Patrick Maroon, is still around. That said, his brother is expecting a deal to made tomorrow.


Who is Pontus Aberg?

This morning, the Edmonton Oilers announced that they had acquired forward, Pontus Aberg, from the Nashville Predators in exchange for soon to be unrestricted free agent, Mark Letestu. So what did the Oilers acquire in Aberg? At the very least, an option on the right side that can play now be it in Edmonton or…


Oilers finally win a goal challenge

When was the last time the Oilers won a challenge? Can you ever remember? Well, they finally won one tonight as an NHL booth review overturned the game-tying goal in tonight’s win against the Kings. 


The dynamic duo continue to shine despite team struggles

Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are an absolute force when they’re together and they’ve produced more goals together than any other NHL tandem since the start of last season. According to Sportsnet’s handy stats team, McDrai has combined for 71 goals since the start of last season which places them at the top of the…