Oilers Prospect Update: Floating on a McLeod

This week’s prospect update features Ryan McLeod who had himself a week with a huge game against the King’s farm squad, the Reign. An assist that paired up with a hat-trick that included a shorthanded goal (see below) and the overtime winner. The Condors again lived up to the billing I gave them last week,…


Oilers Prospect Update: April 5th, 2021

This week’s prospect update is beginning to turn into the Condors update. This topsy turvy season keeps rolling on with three or four games each week from here to the end (barring COVID cancellations). The baby Oil have been yo-yoing up and down in some streaks, five losses; nine wins; one loss; three wins; and…


Oilers Prospect Update: Cracknell a cold one

This week’s prospect update is a break down of the AHL with some new players coming back home from Europe and the NCAA. Raphael Lavoie and Kesselring have joined the Condors and Kesselring has already played a game. The news is not all great for us: Edmonton Oilers prospect Dylan Holloway has a broken thumb….


Oilers at Canadiens Postponed due to COVID

For the first time this season, a North Division game has been postponed as a result of positive COVID results on the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately, there will be no Oilers to watch tonight, my friends.


Oilers Prospect Update: Marody and Benson 1 and 2 in AHL scoring

This week’s prospect update is light again as the European schedules die down. The Condors are going strong, even in losing twice for the first time in a calendar month (Nine game win streak). All the Oilers prospects are rolling on that team, even Ostap Safin who has started to get more and more play…


Oilers Prospect Update: Keeping some Skinner in the game

This week’s prospect update is full of good news from the Condors between Marody’s last few weeks and the output from both McLeod and Benson is had been great. The biggest good news story has to be Stuart Skinner and his performance in the last few weeks where he is unbeatable. One challenge for Bakersfield is…