Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa/USA TODAY SPORTS
Hockey fans at the Air Canada Centre got a bit of a taste of both their future and that of the National Hockey League, as Canadian franchise centrepieces Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, and Mark Scheifele combined for a jaw-dropping first period tally in Team North America’s game against Russia.
The play was initially kicked a little earlier in the shift Alexander Ovechkin’s attempt to deke through their defence was foiled by Matthews stealing his loose puck and peeling back to restart the play. This at least gave the team the opportunity to regroup in their zone, so when it was time to escape, support was there. Scheifele was able to poke it out to McDavid, who used his already legendary speed to get to over 35 kilometres per hour (according to biometric data), with Matthews chasing on his left wing. The rest was history.
Fans in the crowd were more than happy to show their both their new draft pick and their hometown boy a bunch of appreciation.
Goal announcement for Matthews at the ACC. The crowd is pleased, needless to say
— Jeff Veillette (@JeffVeillette) September 20, 2016