At Random: The Moving Target

Given the Edmonton Oilers’ overall record of 8-8-1 despite a very difficult start to the schedule, the temptation for some might be to grasp the silver lining that suggests .500 isn’t so bad, all things considered. I’m guessing the number of people who feel that way is dwindling fast, as it should be.


Reuniting McDavid and Draisaitl isn’t the solution

After a disheartening loss that saw the team’s losing streak extend to four games, Todd McLellan has whipped out the blender. This time, he’s going back to his old, trusty solution of putting Leon Draisaitl alongside Connor McDavid on the top line. Unfortunately, that isn’t the solution to what ails this team.


Monday Mailbag – Coach Q?

Welcome, friends, to a holiday Monday edition of the Mailbag. As always, I’ve taken five of your questions that need answers from our panel of heroes and experts, drawing from them the answers that you need to better live your lives. This feature depends on you and if you have a question you can email…


Former Oiler, Iiro Pakarinen, blasts organization for lack of communication

Former Oiler, Iiro Pakarinen, didn’t mince words when speaking to the Finnish website MTV Uutiset over the weekend about what it was like to play for the Edmonton Oilers during his four years here and it was the coaching staff that seemed to draw his ire. In the interview, Pakarinen claims that the Oilers have a serious lack…


Is it time to worry?

When the Oilers embarked on their four game road trip, they were in a very great spot. They had won four of their last five and were in a position to take over the top spot in the Pacific Division if they could win their games in hand.


Oilersnation Radio Episode 11 – Beer League Roster

The flu has ravaged the office of Oilersnation and therefore Baggedmilk and Chris are both out on the IR for the week. Jay from the RealLifePodcast and Rick from the Pint step up huge and bring a new flavour to the show. This ought to be an episode full of structure and no chaos at all.


Inside the Nation: Fines, lines and Panthers storyline

Thursday has come and that means another live video from Dustin Nielson. We kick it all off with talk of the fine for Milan Lucic. Dustin gives you a little insight into the phone call that Milan got. Shifting gears then to the lineups. JESSE PULUJARVI IS BACK. On the fourth line… on his off wing….


Optics, my eye

For a league so concerned with optics that it felt the need to fine Milan Lucic of the Edmonton Oilers $10,000 for punk-slapping Mathieu Joseph of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL doesn’t seem capable of seeing the forest for the trees. Essentially, the NHL fined Lucic the maximum amount allowed, pocket change for him,…


Should Peter Chiarelli go all in?

Despite dropping two straight games, the Edmonton Oilers are in a very nice spot. A combination of their strong start to the season and a rather weak Pacific Division has put them in a position where the playoffs are a very realistic goal. Given the team’s current situation, some are already starting to think ahead…


Time to vent

As the Oilers work their way through this four-game eastern conference swing a few things have popped up that I need to chime in on. Let me start by saying that even if they lose to Florida on Thursday they are still ahead of the game and off to a better start than most of…