Our Tentative 2019-20 NHL Awards Ballot

Given what Gary Bettman said on Tuesday, we can pretty safely assume that there won’t be a conclusion to the 2019-20 regular season. There may well still be playoffs, but it’s hard to imagine the remaining regular-season games get played out.


Playoff Live Stream Sim: Game 2 – Canucks vs Oilers 7pm MT

The playoffs, they are unpredictable at the best of times. Monday night’s Game One was no different. Between a glitch that caused the game to shut down after regulation tied 2-2 to the Canucks scoring on themselves twice, it was fun and so we are back for some more and to tie the series before…


Part Four: 1997 Oilers/Stars Series with Richard Matvichuk

We continue our look back at the 1997 Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars first round playoff series today with Stars defenceman Richard Matvichuk. He grew up in Fort Saskatchewan and playing against his hometown team was a thrill. Matvichuk was a rugged, stay-at-home D-man who played against the Oilers’ top players. He and Ryan Smyth…


Are Neutral Site Games the Answer for the NHL?

The NHL continues to sit idle, as do all of the major sports leagues around the world, and an end to this hiatus does not feel like it’s coming any time soon. The NHL has been saying since day one that its goal is to hand out the Stanley Cup this season but as the…


Oilers are working on contract for Markus Niemelainen

On Monday, Edmonton Oilers General Manager, Ken Holland, jumped on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer to discuss an array of topics surrounding his team as he continues to work on the current season as well as what’s to come. One item that was brought up revolved around 21-year-old Finnish prospect Markus Niemelainen and whether or…


Nation Playoff Sim – Day Two

You’ve gone and stepped into the weird part of the internet, where we are simulating the 2020 NHL playoffs on EA Sports NHL 20. You missed our first live stream of Game 1 against the Canucks yesterday. Fear not, you can still click here and see the feed (kind of, see below). But tune in…


Ways I’d Change The NHL: The Fun Stuff

With the NHL currently on hiatus, and it appears as though it will be staying that way for a while, I figured now would be a great time to look at some interesting ways that the NHL could change and in my opinion, improve.