Part Five: 1997 Oilers/Stars Series with Doug Weight

Doug Weight was the Oilers’ best player for much of his eight seasons in Edmonton. From 1993/1994 to 2000/2001 Weight was the leading offensive catalyst by a large margin. He scored 155 goals and 569 points in 575 games. Ryan Smyth was second in scoring with 133 goals and 260 points in 433 games. Weight…


Nicholson: “We are really determined to finalize this season”

On Tuesday afternoon, Bob Nicholson was the latest member of the Oilers organization to jump on a conference call with the media. During the 10-minute session, Nicholson spoke about the state of the NHL, the potential for summer hockey, the Hlinka-Gretzky tournament, and the newly launched Colby Cave Memorial Fund.


McDavid: “The fairest season is a full season”

The tradition of the daily conference call continued yesterday when Connor McDavid took his turn to speak to reporters about how he’s been doing while quarantined, his teammate Colby Cave, and what’s to come for the NHL.


Part Four: 1997 Oilers/Stars Series with Richard Matvichuk

We continue our look back at the 1997 Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars first round playoff series today with Stars defenceman Richard Matvichuk. He grew up in Fort Saskatchewan and playing against his hometown team was a thrill. Matvichuk was a rugged, stay-at-home D-man who played against the Oilers’ top players. He and Ryan Smyth…


Ways I’d Change The NHL: The Fun Stuff

With the NHL currently on hiatus, and it appears as though it will be staying that way for a while, I figured now would be a great time to look at some interesting ways that the NHL could change and in my opinion, improve. 


Alex Chiasson says Oilers would have been “a good playoff team”

Just like many of teammates before him, Edmonton Oilers forward, Alex Chiasson, jumped on a conference call with the media to talk a little bit about how he’s adjusting to the NHL work stoppage, his family, and the championship potential he sees in the team that made him want to re-sign over the summer.