Winging It

During meetings with season tickets holders this week Bob Nicholson discussed a few of the major needs the team will have heading into the off-season. In addition to trying to find a top pairing defenseman he mentioned the team would like to sign one or two wingers.


Three Takes From Bob Nicholson’s Season Seat Holder Meeting

Bob Nicholson recently addressed season ticket holders at an event and Redditt user “D722” posted a fantastic recap of the meeting and gave the “non-season seat holding” a glimpse into what was said and whatNicholson’ss plan looks like. There were plenty of topics discussed, but three areas, in particular, got my attention and show what…


The Good, Bad & Ugly: Keith Gretzky Edition

Keith Gretzky has become a very polarizing candidate as the Oilers continue to search for their next General Manager. We have seen a few members of the local media throw their support behind Gretzky as a candidate while members of the Oilers fan base appear to be leaning the opposite way. I’m going to attempt…


Which Condors Could Make The Jump?

There have been few bright spots for the Oilers organization over the last 12-18 months, but what’s been going on in sunny Bakersfield, California is definitely something to be happy about. There is a whole slew of players who have become impactful players early on in their pro hockey careers and another handful of players…


At Random: The Oven Mitt

The book is out on Edmonton Oilers’ goaltender Mikko Koskinen, and it reads like a furniture mover’s nightmare – everything goes upstairs. It was obvious on Sunday the Vegas Golden Knights had been reading up on the big Finn chapter and verse as they scored six goals on 34 shots on the way to a…


Monday Musings…

The weather is warming up and the snow is melting. Soon you’ll be golfing, firing up the BBQ, wearing shorts and enjoying the summer scenery, but before that, playoff hockey is all around you. Oilers fans will once again be watching from the outside, but if you want to experience playoff hockey firsthand you can…


The Void

After teasing fans with the faint hope they still had an outside shot at contending for a playoff spot thanks to a tidy stretch of games, the Edmonton Oilers transitioned from hot streak to tire fire yet again in a 6-3 loss to the hopeless, hapless and injury-riddled New Jersey Devils at Rogers Place Wednesday….


Oilers Best Players Need to be Better

It is clear from my seat that the Oilers management’s handling of assets during the past many seasons is reason number one, two, three (and four and five…) why the Oilers have not been able to ice a competitive team. Do not confuse that with what I’m about to write. Management has done a terrible…


I was wrong about Andrej Sekera

This summer, when news came out that Andrej Sekera had sustained a second serious leg injury, I was not only skeptical about the chances that he would return to the Oilers this season, I thought there was a chance we would never see him play another NHL game.


The Race

It’s March and the Oilers are playing meaningful games. They have 69 points through 69 games and they’re in the mix for a playoff spot, while that certainly doesn’t meet expectations we all had for the fourth seasons of the McDavid era, it’s nice.



There’s an old saying that necessity is the mother of invention, and I couldn’t help but think of it as I watched Darnell Nurse roaring up and down the ice, battling and logging tough minutes in the Edmonton Oilers’ 3-2 overtime win against the New York Rangers at Rogers Place Monday.