NHL Buyout History… Window Opens Today

NHL buyouts came into existence when the salary cap was introduced for the 2005/2006 season after the year-long lockout. Here’s a quick recap on the buyout rules. Teams can buyout out a player to obtain a reduced salary cap hit, however, it extends over a period twice the length of the remaining contract. If a…


2020 NHL UFA Top 30: Dustin Byfuglien and Wayne Simmonds

Welcome to the OilersNation UFA preview. Over the next 15 days, we’ll be profiling the top 30 players in this year’s UFA class, as listed by TSN. Contract information is from our friends at Puckpedia. Full UFA list via puckpedia here. Analytics provided by hockeyviz.com and naturalstattrick.com. Contract projections are done by evolving-hockey.com with the presumption contracts are signed between Aug. – Oct….


Can the Oilers Improve Internally?

An uninspired four games against Chicago in the qualifying round doesn’t erase the positive strides the Edmonton Oilers made in the 71-game regular season. Often in hockey, a team can learn more from an embarrassing performance. No one wants a painful life lesson, but many teams have had to endure them. A tough learning experience…


2020 NHL UFA Top 30: Carl Soderberg and Thomas Griess

Welcome to the OilersNation UFA preview. Over the next 15 days, I’ll be profiling the top 30 players in this years UFA class, as listed by TSN. Contract information is from our friends at Puckpedia. Analytics provided by hockeyviz.com and naturalstattrick.com. Contract projections are done by evolving-hockey.com with the presumption contracts are signed between Aug….


Getting a Goal Scorer at the NHL Draft

There is a difference between an NHL team’s short-term needs and long-term needs. Around draft time, it’s especially important to keep that in mind. You’ll often hear people say that a team should never draft for need and should always take the best player available. I don’t think teams should do that 100% of the…


There’s Risk With ‘Win Now Mode’

This is going to be a very interesting offseason for the Edmonton Oilers. They have some clear holes that need to be filled and not a lot of cap space to work with. Their problems are not unique though. It feels like 90% of the NHL is looking to shed either cap space or straight-up…


Historic Day for Draisaitl

Leon Draisaitl had already joined an elite group earlier this year when he won the Art Ross Trophy. He became the 32nd player to win the award in the 72 seasons the NHL has awarded the trophy to the leading scorer. Today, he added to his trophy case, winning the Hart Trophy (Most Valuable Player…


And the winner is…

I’ve got to admit I had difficulty working up much interest in Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, and that’s not intended as any kind of insult toward Schitt’s Creek, the brilliant Canadian comedy that dominated the show. I’m just not big on awards shows. Don’t love them. Don’t hate them.


Will Holland Continue Oilers Tradition of Draft Week Trades?

NHL Draft week is two weeks away and historically, during the salary cap era, we have seen quite a few big deals starting a few days before the draft, at the draft and even days after. Many of the big trades across the NHL have occurred then, and for Oilers fans, this is when many…