Oilers Have Potential Issue for 2021 Seattle Expansion Draft

The NHL will expand to 32 teams next summer with the addition of the Seattle yet-to-be-named franchise. All 30 teams, excluding Las Vegas, will lose one player to Seattle. Vegas has the sixth most wins and sixth most points in the NHL since entering the league in the fall of 2017, but this well-run organization…


Oilers Have More Than Just Special Teams

If everything goes according to plan, the NHL qualifying round and seeding will begin on August 1st in Toronto and Edmonton, which means we could see exhibition games by the end of this month. With more time on my hands than usual at this time of year, we can look deeper into commentary, and one…


Let’s Go

It’s remarkable what can be accomplished when both sides in a negotiation put their heads together and get on the same page to come up with an agreement. We’re seeing that right now with the NHL and NHLPA during unprecedented times – the COVID-19 crisis that put an end to the season back in March.


What does a flat cap mean for the Oilers?

Over the last week, we have been hit with a lot of news regarding the NHL’s return to play. We now know that Edmonton and Toronto will be hub cities, we know the CBA will be extended, we know that NHLers will likely be returning to the Winter Olympics. There are plenty of things to…


Big Decisions: The Goaltenders

Over the last few weeks, I have been looking into the biggest roster decisions that Dave Tippett will be facing once the 24-team playoff begins in August. I’ve looked into the entire forward group and the group of defenseman but I’ve left the most important area for last: the goaltending.


Stanley Cup Coming to Edmonton and McDavid Underrated?

The NHL hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but Edmonton and Toronto will be the two hub cities for the 2020 NHL playoffs. We could see exhibition games by the end of this month and the qualifying round and seeding rounds beginning in early August. The NHL would like to announce an extension to the…


Happy Canada Day

While there’s zero doubt that this is unlike any July 1st that we’ve ever had on the website, I still wanted to spend a few minutes to wish all of you a safe and happy Canada Day.