Stuart Skinner Ready to Become Regular NHL Goalie

Stuart Skinner’s life is about to change significantly. He is poised to become a father on January 12th. He and his wife are expecting their first child, a boy, and their son will be the 14th grandchild of Skinner’s parents. Skinner is the youngest of nine siblings, and family has always been his first priority,…


Why Ryan McLeod will be an important player for the Oilers moving forward

On Thursday, the Edmonton Oilers finally signed restricted free agent Ryan McLeod. Both sides agreed to a one-year contract with a $798K AAV. The deal comes as Edmonton is currently in a tight cap situation. McLeod’s contract leaves Edmonton with a total of just $165 (not $165,000, but just $165, you read that right) in…


Oilers Training Camp Notes

Excitement, optimism, and heightened expectations were the story of day one of training camp for the Oilers. For only the second time in 30 years, there are legitimate expectations that the Oilers can be a contender. Leading into the 2017/2018 season, after Edmonton made the playoffs for the first time in a decade, was the…


My five biggest concerns heading into the season

Training camps are opening up and optimism is in the air across the league. With the exception of a few known have-nots, I’m looking right at you Arizona, fan bases and players all feel like this could be their season. That is certainly the case in Edmonton where after a wild ride to the Conference…


Oilers Training Camp Battles and Salary Cap Concerns

The Edmonton Oilers hit the ice for the 43rd training camp in franchise history this morning, and they will have three days of practice before preseason games start Sunday (v. Winnipeg), Monday in Seattle, Wednesday the 28th in Calgary, and Friday the 30th at home to the Flames. There aren’t many openings on the roster,…


Here We Go

As a general rule of thumb, the shorter the summer has been the greater the anticipation of a new season is when the puck drops at training camps around the NHL. 


Finding a Stable Home

The path of becoming a consistent starter at the professional level hasn’t come easy for Olivier Rodrigue. The 62nd overall pick from the 2018 NHL Draft has struggled to find a regular rhythm within the organization for many reasons. Now, he faces the challenge of performing with the end of his contract looming. Rodrigue has…