Dylan Wells Scores Big in Draft +1 Season

Dylan Wells is having a helluva year and he capped it this week by scoring a goal. It is here. What’s more, it wasn’t one of those boring goalie stops puck, five touches later it hits the net and the goalie was the last opponent to touch the puck. This was a shot from 500…



As unlikely record-holders go on a team that made its mark re-writing the NHL record book in the early 1980s with a ridiculously prolific ability to score goals, Dave Lumley probably takes the cake. That, of course, is entirely fitting because Lumley’s NHL career was unlikely in itself – he was a 12th-round draft pick…


One Game Shouldn’t Equal Panic

It was not the outcome Oilersnation was looking for. The Edmonton Oilers were the inferior team, excluding Cam Talbot, for 48 of the 63 minutes. The Captain Obvious statement is the Oilers need to play better, but there are specific areas of their game they need to sharpen up for tomorrow’s pivotal game two.


NHL Playoff Predictions

In this quick roundtable, we asked the writers to give their Stanley Cup predictions, guess at which team will be this season’s dark horse, and also who will be the Fernando Pisani of the 2017 playoffs.


Why You Should Hate the San Jose Sharks

I don’t think I need to give you reasons to hate the Sharks, but I’m going to anyway. We’ve got less than 16 hours to build a rivalry with the heathens from San Jose and I think we all need to work together to make it happen. 


Klefbom the Key?

Oscar Klefbom has emerged as the Oilers #1 defenceman. He isn’t one of the top-15 #1 defenders in the game yet, but he took a big step this season and he will need to play a major role if the Oilers expect to have playoff success. Klefbom played the most minutes for the Oilers this…


Benning or Gryba?

For a very large portion of the season, one of the best and most surprising stories was Matthew Benning. The first year pro player that Peter Chiarelli lured away from the Bruins (fair trade off for the second round pick we lost if you ask me) has exceeded all of my expectations. However, questions remain…



When I picked the Edmonton Oilers to upset the Detroit Red Wings in the first round of the 2006 playoffs, a lot of people questioned whether I’d taken leave of my senses. With good reason, too, as the Red Wings were clearly the superior team during the 2005-06 regular season. Even so, when I looked…


Can the Oilers Keep Going?

The Oilers are back in the playoffs. It finally happened, but how? Edmonton has had an almost perfect season, and they are playing their best hockey at the most important time. Will they be able to carry their play into the second round?


The Assembly Line

In a perfect world an NHL team’s amateur procurement and development system works like an assembly line. It’s something the Oilers have been hit-and-miss with up front, but pretty good at in recent years on their blue line. At any given point in time, there should be prospects at various stages of development, which we…



The Edmonton Oilers signed one of their draft picks today, college defenseman William Lagesson. We’re going to be looking at a far different 50-man list in late summer and the turnover has already begun. These information pieces trickle in, often as rumor. Anton Lander heading to the KHL? Ziyat Paigin coming over? Slowly but surely,…