Scrutinizing The Lineup

The season is winding down. The Oilers continue to trend towards the playoffs for the first time in a very, very long time. What will this team’s lineup look like when they get to the post-season? Are we getting a preview of the kinds of decisions that McLellan is going to make now in the…


Future Free Agents: Michael Del Zotto

Michael Del Zotto? In New York, he was known as DelZaster. After last season, his second year in Philadelphia, it seemed he had resurrected his career and was going to be a key piece of the Flyers blue line moving forward. But thanks to a poor season that began with a long term injured reserve…


Why not Mark Fayne?

Mark Fayne could be forgiven for wondering what it would take for him to find his way back into the Edmonton Oilers’ lineup. He has been very good in the AHL. His internal competition has been less good of late in the NHL. The first time Fayne was waived, those factors were cited as reasons…


Let’s Talk Offsides

For decades the offside call was nothing more than a minor rule in the game. It played only a small part until the speed of the game increased so much making it harder and harder for linesmen to make the correct calls. The NHL saw an increase in missed offside and therefore implemented a coaches challenge…


Aapeli Rasanan and the Longer Road to the NHL

Late last month, Edmonton Oilers draft pick Aapeli Rasanen announced his commitment to play at Boston College in 2017-18. Assuming he spends a full four seasons at the university level, which means he won’t be entering the Oilers minor-league development system until 2021-22. In my view, that’s likely a good thing. Proud and honored to…


Finally . . . .

If you were inclined to list all of the reasons why it’s taken the Edmonton Oilers an entire decade to get up off the floor they’ve been face-down on since making it to Game 7 of the 2006 Stanley Cup final against the Carolina Hurricanes, you’d have to use most of your fingers and toes….



I have been thinking about prospect Joey Laleggia lately, about his skill set, his recent move from defense to left wing, and about his future in hockey. My guess is that hockey men, in more colourful language than I will use here, will suggest Laleggia is going to peak out as a solid AHL player,…


Cam Talbot, Most Wins by an Oiler in 16 Years

Last night, Cam Talbot stopped 33 shots for his sixth shutout and 36th win of the season. Cam Talbot impersonating your favourite wall certainly isn’t news, and we all know that he’s closing in on Fuhr’s record, but it’s getting to win number 36 that I want to talk about.


Top 100 Oilers: Joe Murphy (26)

By the time I arrived here in late December of 1989 and was told by my editor at the Edmonton Journal to follow Jim Matheson over to Northlands Coliseum, stay the hell out of the way and help him with coverage of the Oilers, many of the big names from the teams that had already…


Team USA’s Boycott Speaks Volumes

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – Yoko Ono On March 31st the USA National Women’s Hockey Team was set to take on Team Canada in a preliminary game at the Women’s World Championships in Plymouth, Michigan. As history would indicate, Team USA and Team…


Random Saturday Thoughts

While waiting for the Oilers game, I started randomly cruising the Internet and fell into a hole of looking at past Oilers seasons, some impressive defensive prospects, and anything else I could find to entertain myself. With that said, I invite you all to join me for a little Saturday randomness.


Leon Draisaitl, Top German on the Ice and in Our Hearts

I don’t think I have to tell you guys how much I love Leon Draisaitl. I’m literally the guy that’s been trying to crowbar the Big Sexy nickname into the Nation’s vernacular since the day I found out just how big and sexy he is but that’s not why we’re here. Sexiness aside, Leon Draisaitl’s…