After having his rookie season with the Edmonton Oilers rudely interrupted by a busted clavicle that kept him on the shelf for 37 games, Connor McDavid completed the equivalent of a full NHL campaign in a 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Kings Thursday.


It’s time to end the Lucic/McDavid experiment

We’re at the point now where I’m starting to wonder what Milan Lucic has to do before he gets bumped off Connor McDavid’s line. McDavid now has just a single even-strength assist over his last eight games, and has seen a revolving door at right wing. Yet on the port side, Lucic remains untouchable, even…



Embed from Getty Images I’ve always been a sucker for stories about underdogs made good or unexpected comebacks. That holds especially true for former members of the Edmonton Oilers because they tend to be young men you get to know a bit along the way when you hang around the dressing room long enough.



There is a little break here in the next week for the Edmonton Oilers. The club plays tomorrow, and then Tuesday, before having several days before their next game Saturday. There is a small window of opportunity to tweak the roster, and based on usage by the coach, I think goal is a position of…


The Oilers Should Replace Jonas Gustavsson

After Thursday’s loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, Jonas Gustavsson now has a 0.893 save percentage over his six-game career with the Edmonton Oilers. In most cases, this would be the time to remind people that it’s only been six games and four starts, and that there’s no sense getting worked up about an established NHL…



Early this evening, Dillon Simpson played in his first NHL game. It marked another hurdle cleared for a young defenseman who has made consistent progress over the 5+ seasons since his draft day. From a pre-draft scouting report that pointed out he was a ‘sluggish’ skater through today, Dillon Simpson has never been a sure…


Searching for consistency

The Oilers find themselves in first place in the Pacific division, although San Jose has three games in hand and is one point behind, yet they have only won five of 12 games versus the eight weakest teams in the NHL. The Oilers are 9-6-1 versus the top 21 teams in the standings. It seems…


The Edmonton Oilers without Connor McDavid on the ice

  iEmbed from Getty Images   The Oilers rely a lot on Connor McDavid. That much isn’t a secret. McDavid leads the team in ice-time and is fifth in the entire NHL for forwards, along with having a 12-point lead on the next highest scorer on his team. It’s safe to say McDavid is a massively important part…


McDavid: Is 100 points possible?

In the 100 years of NHL hockey only 106 players have scored 100 points in a season, and they have done it a total of 272 times. Of those 106 players, 47 of them did it once, 21 reached it twice and only 38 players have managed 100 points three times or more. Wayne Gretzky…



So, how do you think Connor McDavid spent the end of his first day as the captain of the Edmonton Oilers? Out on the town celebrating with friends or teammates? Doing interviews with various national media outlets? You’d think so, but no.