Off the Top of My Head

Even with his penchant for producing highlight reel goals, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers can’t make every puck he puts in the net a masterpiece. What McDavid settled for instead against the Chicago Blackhawks last night was a mere mortal snipe that got the Oilers started on the way to a 5-2 win.


Four Encouraging Signs and Areas of Concern for the Oilers thus far

With an entertaining win on Thursday night, as a result of continued dominance from Connor McDavid and excellence from Stuart Skinner, the Oilers moved to a record of 12-4. As they rank 5th in the league in points and 3rd in points%, there are numerous things for them to be pleased about. After all, this…


Philip Broberg Will Have to Play Big Minutes

Philip Broberg will make his NHL debut tomorrow night against the Chicago Blackhawks after being recalled from Bakersfield earlier this morning. The eighth overall pick in the 2019 draft is going to play close to 20 minutes most likely in his NHL debut, because of injuries to Darnell Nurse and Slater Koekkoek.


About Stuart Skinner

It was Connor McDavid who stole the show with yet another cheat code goal against the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday, but it was Stuart Skinner who set the table and sealed the deal with 46 saves in a 2-1 shootout win for the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place.


Weekly Rumours – Oilers Targets and Trouble in Vancouver

It’s time for another rumours blog! There are a few teams that I’ll be looking at today but first, I want to start with the struggling Vancouver Canucks. To call the start of the season a disappointment almost feels like an understatement. After an offseason that had fans feeling hopeful, the Canucks are just 5-9-1…


I’d Start Skinner Tomorrow

Edmonton is 11-4. They’ve had a great start, but some of the same issues from previous seasons are once again becoming an issue. They are allowing too many 5×5 goals. They have gifted their opposition “easy goals” on errant passes by defencemen, or turnovers by forwards, and Mikko Koskinen’s softgoalitis has reappeared. The Oilers need…


Don’t Lose the Plot

In seasons not so long ago when the Edmonton Oilers were a bad hockey team, I never cared for sifting through the ashes of another loss looking for consolation prizes or silver linings. Sure, there is usually a tidbit of good to be found if you look closely enough, but the bottom line is a…