Would 3-point Wins or No Loser Point Alter The Standings

I need a break from COVID-19 talk. I know it is serious, and it is great to see our country taking precautions to prevent the spread of it, but there’s only much to say about it (listen to the experts). The one benefit of no games, is it gives me time to look at some…


At Random

After failing to commit to providing financial assistance to game-night and part-time staff during this COVID-19 crisis Friday and taking some heat for it from local media and fans, the Edmonton Oilers made things right on Saturday – even more quickly than I thought they would. Good on them.


The NHL season is in limbo, so now what do we do?

With the NHL (and other sports leagues) wisely deciding to suspend the season as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re left with a gaping hole in our lives and no way to fill it. For a lot of us, sports is a fantastic way of escaping our daily lives and to have that taken…


What should the NHL do with the regular season?

A week ago the idea of playing games in front of empty stadiums seemed insane. Very few people thought that the COVID-19 outbreak would reach that point. Well, it skipped that phase completely and now we’re at a point where we likely won’t see any professional sports played in North America for the rest of…



So, after a conference call by its Board of Governors, the NHL has decided to suspend the regular season, just as the NBA did yesterday, because of the coronavirus pandemic. What began as something that seemed foreign and far away not so long ago on the evening news is real enough now.


Jets at Oilers 03/11/20 – Odds and NHL Betting Trends

by OddsShark (@OddsShark) – Sponsored Post The Edmonton Oilers will be looking to rebound from Monday night’s loss to the Vegas Golden Knights when they host the Winnipeg Jets on Wednesday night as -150 betting favourites on the NHL odds at sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark.com. Edmonton blew a 2-1 third-period lead on its way to…


Morning Report: Oilers vs. Golden Knights (9 March)

Hello Nation, This is the Oilers Morning Report, a stats-heavy, opinion-based review of the previous night’s game. We’ve all read the wrap-ups, watched the highlights, and digested the game. Whether it’s gazing to the heavens, begging the Hockey Gods for answers as to why the Edmonton Oilers lost, or looking for more content to bask in the glory of another Oilers victory, that’s what this is here for. Here…



Watching the Edmonton Oilers pick up points lately has been like driving around with the “change oil” light on in your car. You can look the other way and keep going because the damn thing is still running, but sooner or later you have to know the engine is going to seize up and leave…