Remembering the Heritage Classic

Four years ago, a bunch of us from Nation HQ made our way to Winnipeg for the Heritage Classic and it was easily one of the best Nation Vacations that we’ve ever done. With that in mind, I wanted to put together something quick to look back at our time in Winnipeg, the people we…


Weekly Rumours – Where Will the Remaining Big Names Go?

This offseason got quiet in a hurry. The rumour mill dried up over the last week, which is surprising because there are still a handful of really good free agents available and some big names who I think could still get traded before next season begins. Over the next month or so, some teams are…


A Clean Slate

Having seen stubbornness ignite a tire fire more than a time or two over the years when the relationship between a team and a player goes sideways, I wasn’t very confident just a few months ago that Jesse Puljujarvi had any kind of a future with the Edmonton Oilers.


The waiting is the hardest part…

Does anyone else feel like this is the strangest and longest offseason ever despite the fact that it on;y just started? We’re getting the mid-July lull in October and it’s really starting to mess with my head.


All About Dylan Holloway

Here we’ve put together a collection of scouting reports, highlights, and news items regarding newly drafted forward, Dylan Holloway. The Edmonton Oilers selected Holloway with the 14th overall pick, providing the depth chart with a much-needed forward that will be able to bring a dose of skill to the prospect pool.


What if the NHL Doesn’t Play in 2020/2021?

No fanbase in pro sports is more equipped to handle the disappointment of a season without their favourite sport than the NHL’s. In the past 30 years, you’ve endured three lockouts/strikes. The 1994/1995 season was reduced to 48 games, so too was the 2012/2013 season, and the entire 2004/2005 was washed out as the players…


NHL Alignment Options for Next Season

Yesterday, Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley got people’s attention when he said, “Yeah, but they’re going to be playing in the Canadian Division next year,” in response to how it would be facing Nate Schmidt and the Vancouver Canucks. Many interpreted Foley’s comments as though a Canadian division is guaranteed. Is it?


Weekly Rumours – Are the Oilers Done?

Ken Holland appeared to have addressed all of the Edmonton Oiler’s major needs within the first few days of free agency. He got a third-line centre, a powerplay replacement for Klefbom, a left-winger, and a back-up goalie. You can argue about the quality of players he got, I’m personally happy with most of them, but…