Inside the Nation: Pairing the Boys

It’s been almost a week since we have seen Dusty, too long in fact. But he’s back, today at Noon over on the Oilersnation facebook page. If you weren’t able to check-in at that time, fear not! we have a breakdown of what was discussed here.


Inside the Nation: #SummerofLineys Three Cs

Inside the nation met with some scheduling issues on the usual air date of Monday, so we are BACK with a Tuesday edition of the Inside the Nation show. As always, follow along on twitter @oilersnationalt as we will update you with when Dusty goes live. Join the convo and have your questions answered live….


Inside the Nation: Inside the Line-up

The holiday is over and Dusty is back in the mix with the Nation. The lineup is coming together and Dusty is starting an episodely look at the team going forward. Today is Lucic getting a bump from new coach Tippett versus still struggling. This and much much more can be yours to hear if…


Inside the Nation: Free Agency Breakdown

Happy Canada Day, Nation! With free agency kicking off today, there is plenty to talk about and Dusty Nielson wanted to go live to recap the day and discuss the moves that did and didn’t happen for the Edmonton Oilers.