Inside the Nation: Fines, lines and Panthers storyline

Thursday has come and that means another live video from Dustin Nielson. We kick it all off with talk of the fine for Milan Lucic. Dustin gives you a little insight into the phone call that Milan got. Shifting gears then to the lineups. JESSE PULUJARVI IS BACK. On the fourth line… on his off wing….


Inside the Nation: Goalies, Third line, and a Capitals player

Another Monday is upon us and that means we have another episode of Inside the Nation. Dustin comes in rocking an Edmonton Capitals hoodie or bunny hug (depending on where you’re tuning in from across this great country of ours) so you know this November 5th episode is going to be good. This week starts with…


Inside the Nation: Koskinen starts, Todd loves the Drake, and Jesse Puljujarvi

Welcome, citizens, to yet another Thursday edition of Inside the Nation, our very own internet show where Dustin Nielson talks you through all things Edmonton Oilers. On today’s episode, Dusty looks at Mikko Koskinen getting his second start of the season, Caggiula’s promotion to the first line, and, of course, Jesse Puljujarvi being re-inserted into…


Inside the Nation: The loss happened, now what?

Happy Thanksgiving, Nation! Dustin Nielson is back with a holiday Monday edition of Inside the Nation to take a look at all things Edmonton Oilers, and to try and make sense of what the hell is going on here. Needless to say, after Saturday’s performance, the Oiler are creating more questions than they’re answering.