Playoff Live Stream Sim: Round 3 Game 3 – Stars vs Oilers 7pm MT

I am comfortable declaring our Game Two strange start time of 2:30pm MT a success. Tonight at 7pm MT we return to the friendly confines of the night time start but the not so friendly confines of the Dallas “Not Reunion Arena” area. The Oilers find themselves in a tough spot (if not one we…


Nation Playoff Sim – Round Two Recap and Third Round Schedule

This has been a long learning process for me. I have been learning EA sports pitfalls and issues (see me having to re-simulate the entire first round of the playoffs once already) but I have also had the honour and pleasure of learning what you, the people I am doing this for, enjoy to see/read….


Playoff Live Stream Sim: Round 2 Game 6 – Flames vs Oilers 7pm MT

Saturday afternoon was a good afternoon. Filled with friends (you) and trivia (to win prizes) and the DigiOilers put up a digi-5 spot on the DigiFlames. Tonight at 7pm MT, Game Six will air tonight on this very page between the Oilers and Flames and just remember, you can be entered to win the prizes…


Playoff Live Stream Sim: Round 2 Game 2 – Flames @ Oilers 3pm MT

Game One was a weird affair. I have run some “dummy sims” of Game Two just to make sure something weird hadn’t happened with our settings to see the Oilers double up the Flames in shots with 60… and it didn’t happen again. Call it being rested versus a team in their 8th game of…


Playoff Live Stream Sim: Round 2 Game 1 – Flames @ Oilers 7pm MT

The Oilers have made it into round two, following their 4-1 series win over the CanucksArmy crew. You have waited patiently, long enough and well we are just happy you are here to tune into Game One of the Second round against another familiar Network foe in the Calgary Flames. The game will get started…


Nation Playoff Sim – End of Round One and the Oilers opponent

I probably (read as definitely) take this thing too seriously and so my morning consisted of re-simulating every matchup from the first round of the playoffs so far this year to get the same outcomes from every series. Why you ask? Well simply because I like to think someone is reading these and cares for…