Part Two: The 1997 Oilers/Stars Series with Ken Hitchcock

We continue our series on the 1997 playoff series with Dallas Stars head coach Ken Hitchcock. This was Hitchcock’s first full season as head coach of the Stars. He coached 43 games the previous season after replacing Bob Gainey. Dallas finished second in the NHL in 1997 with 104 points. They were a veteran team…


Now is the time for the NHL to change the draft age

Recent reports are suggesting that the NHL is considering playing into August as a way to hand out the Stanley Cup this season. That would likely mean a shortened offseason that would last from September and October, and it would push the NHL Draft back a few months from it’s originally scheduled date.


Avs/Oilers Sim — Live Stream: 7:30pm MST

Simulation, as defined by the Merriam/Webster dictionary is “imitation of a situation or process.” This whole process was designed to give you an escape from the lack of normal that we have all been dealing with. We have been having a blast watching along with you, but we know it hasn’t been particularly fun watching…


NHL Could Have Two Draft Lotteries

The NHL draft lottery was tentatively set to take place on April 9th, but Covid 19 has put everything on hold. On Monday, the NHL sent out a release where they answered some questions about the future of the league. Their response about next season made me think any continuation of the 2019/2020 regular season…


A Letter From Germany (Guest Post from a German traveller)

The following post was written by Frank Becker from Germany. He is one of the admins of the “Edmonton Oilers Fans Germany” group who recently travelled to Edmonton with help from Explore Edmonton and AMA Travel to join Oilersnation and experience all that Edmonton has to offer. Frank was so passionate about his visit, when…


40 Moments: Sam Gagner explodes for an eight-point night

In order to celebrate the Edmonton Oilers’ 40-year anniversary AND distract ourselves during this hockey-less nightmare, we’ll be re-living 40 amazing moments from Oilers history. Today, we have Sam Gagner’s record-tying eight-point night. 


Ducks/Oilers Sim — Live Stream: 7pm MST

We are having so much fun doing this, we figured we’d just keep the train rolling. 1404 of you tuned in on Friday and we had over 100 comments in here and so we are going to keep doing this until… well, life is back to some sense of normalcy. We invite you to once…