Weekly Rumours – Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

As the weeks go on, the start of next season continues to become a bigger and bigger story. It was honestly a little surprising to see the NHL and the NHLPA work so together so well when they came up with the Return to Play plan over the summer. Seeing the two sides reach an…


Will a New Partner Help Mike Smith?

Adam Francilia is not a goalie coach by title — he is a trainer who has worked with different NHL skaters — but is likely more known for his work with many NHL goalies. He is a goalie consultant with the San Jose Sharks, but he is free to train and consult with individual goalies….


The 2020 Blackout Collection is Live!

Normally for Black Friday, we set up the new Blackout Collection to go live on the NationGear store on Thursday night at midnight, but this year we’re doing things a little bit differently. This year, we decided to give everyone the whole week to grab new stuff if they want rather than a few days…


At Random: No Chance It’s January

While the NHL, officially at least, is still hoping to start the upcoming season the first week of January, that seems a rather remote possibility for a lot of reasons, as I wrote two weeks ago. Right at the top of that list, COVID-19 doesn’t care what Gary Bettman and hockey fans want.


Monday Musings…

History tends to repeat itself, until a drastic change is implemented to change course. It is why we have seen, in any sport, the good franchises stay competitive or well-run for years, while the losing franchises stink for years, sometimes decades. Improvement only occurs when a major change in philosophy, approach or personnel is made….