Monday Musings…

History tends to repeat itself, until a drastic change is implemented to change course. It is why we have seen, in any sport, the good franchises stay competitive or well-run for years, while the losing franchises stink for years, sometimes decades. Improvement only occurs when a major change in philosophy, approach or personnel is made….


Monday Mailbag – What can Dave Tippett do differently?

Welcome, Internet friends, to a brand new Monday Mailbag where I’ve taken all of your Oilers and NHL related questions, thrown them out to our writers, and compiled all of their answers to give you a few minutes of time killing distraction from whatever you’ve got going on today. This week, we look at the…


How should the Oilers handle Puljujarvi next season?

One of the most intriguing players on the Oilers roster heading into next season is Jesse Puljujarvi. The 2016 fourth overall pick will be returning to the NHL after spending a season with Karpat in Finland and the fan base is largely split on what to expect from him as he returns to North America…


Oilers Abroad: Episode One

Welcome, citizens, to the very first episode of Oilers Abroad where Josh Park will spend a couple of minutes focusing on the Edmonton Oilers that are playing overseas while we wait for the NHL and AHL seasons to kick off here in North America. This is your first update.