WWYDW: Expansion Draft Update

In this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, we’re going to look at something we haven’t looked at for a bit: the Expansion draft. Edmonton is going to lose a player to Las Vegas this summer, and there are differing opinions about who that player should be, with some going so far as to suggest…


Canada’s Team?

This morning, our very own Chris the Intern joined CTV’s Ben Mulroney to talk about why the Edmonton Oilers should be Canada’s team.


Future Free Agents: Brian Boyle

Brian Boyle was acquired by the Toronto Maple Leafs for a pretty hefty price at this year’s trade deadline. He said at the end of the team’s season that he would be open to returning to Toronto, but as a 32-year-old, it’s also likely going to be Boyle’s final chance to make a big payday…


Carlyle says McDavid gets ‘White-glove Treatment’

Before the series began Randy Carlyle said the Oilers would be whining about faceoffs and other things. Todd McLellan responded jokingly due to the Oilers lack of success in the dot with, “I’ve been complaining about them all season.” Today Carlyle was back at it and his comment will surely fire up Oilersnation.


McLellan Remains Loyal; For Now

At practice this morning Todd McLellan kept his lines in the same trios we have seen for most of the past two months, even though he had switched up his top two lines when the Oilers found themselves trailing 3-0 less than 12 minutes into the first period of game three. It made sense to make…


Some Love for Slepyshev

One of my favourite stories from the playoffs has been the quiet emergence of Anton Slepyshev and, from where I blog, the guy isn’t getting nearly enough love.


A Dose of Reality

Prior to Sunday’s game, many Oilers fans were thinking sweep. It is understandable, considering their team won the first two games on the road and the excitement of playoff hockey often breeds excited, positive thoughts. Your emotions run high, you get excited, and what is strange and great about the playoffs, is how concern and…


Monday Mailbag – Leon Draisaitl’s Duck Domination

Happy we’re in the second round of the playoffs to all of you! I promise to continue working on turning Mondays into civic holidays so we can all sit at home in our undies, but there’s still a ways to go. Until then, let’s all kill some time together whilst learning about the Oilers we love…