Patience for Puljujarvi

The love affair for sports fans and players on their favourite team can be incredibly intense. Deep down, most fans want the best for their team and players, but their expectations can lead to massive swings of happiness and frustration. When a team is losing the frustration mounts, and it can blind even the sanest…


A Foothold?

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” That old axiom is obvious enough, and it’s also tried and true. The complication, history tells us, is that it’s easier said than done. That was the challenge facing the Edmonton Oilers when they headed out on this four-game road trip standing eye-high in a hole.


Connor was scoring, but it didn’t feel like it

Connor McDavid is on pace to have the same point total as last season, give or take a few, but it sure hasn’t felt like it. I thought that I was the only person who felt like this until @ElNatetweets put out a tweet stating that he felt the same way. So, what gives?


A room full of winners

After the Oilers won last night’s game against the Devils they ran into another winner in the form of Georges St. Pierre. 


Darnell Nurse and the Defence

Edmonton had a massive hole to fill when Andrej Sekera tore his ACL during the playoffs last season. Sekera played the second most minutes among Oilers defencemen behind Oscar Klefbom in all situations. Peter Chiarelli chose to re-sign Kris Russell and bet that Darnell Nurse and Matt Benning could take on more minutes, instead of…


Maroon or Lucic?

I got a clip from yesterday’s Oilers Now emailed to me this morning (thanks, Mark!) and I thought they were having a conversation worth talking about. Would the Oilers be better off with Maroon or Lucic?


Let’s talk about streaking

As it sits right now, the Oilers are five points back of the final wild card spot in the Western Conference. If they want to get back into the thick of the playoff race they’ll need to start putting together some winning streaks. 


The tale of two Ryans

Entering training camp this season, every media personality was pumping up Ryan Strome coming to the Oilers organization, while on the flip side Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ value was questioned. Funny how things change: a couple of months later we’re sitting here panicking about Strome and praising Nuge for his play thus far.


WWYDW: Sacrifice For .500

The most stressful and frustrating things about watching sports is our complete lack of control over the outcome. We don’t have an influence on the player personnel decisions made by management, the line combinations the coach puts together, and, ultimately, the execution of the players during games. But if you aren’t superstitious, you might not…