Closing Time…

For the first time in a decade, the Oilers have an opportunity to close out a playoff series. 


There and Back Again: The San Jose Tale

Last week, I road tripped down to San Jose for games three and four and I’m so happy with my choice I almost got a “no ragrets” tattoo while I was there. Ok, I didn’t almost get that, “regrets” would’ve been spelled correctly. But I did have one hell of an experience down there and…


What’s He Building in There?

There is word this weekend we may see Spencer Foo making public his choice among (reported) five NHL teams. Foo’s hometown team, the Edmonton Oilers, are in the mix. What kind of player is Foo? What does Edmonton’s pursuit tell us about Peter Chiarelli’s team building? Let’s have a look.


Maroon vs O’Halloran

Last night, Pat Maroon got scolded by Dan O’Halloran and I wish I could see some video of it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an NHL official go full dad mode on a player before but it happened and it was hilarious.


Top 100 Oilers: Mike Krushelnyski (23)

Mike Krushelnyski didn’t begin his NHL career with the Edmonton Oilers and he, most famously, didn’t end it with the Oilers either. What he did do was make the most of his time here, sipping champagne three times from the Stanley Cup in the four seasons, a span of just 290 regular season games and…


Blaming The Refs

Blaming the referees is a crutch. We all do it because referees are generally worthy of our abuse (at the professional level) and we need a reason to vent. They make bad calls all the time. They miss obvious ones all the time. Generally, though, things tend to even out in the end. Well…most the…


At Random: Now What?

What if? What might have been for the Edmonton Oilers went right out the window when the San Jose Sharks whupped up on them in a 7-0 embarrassment at the SAP Center Tuesday night. What might have been, had they managed a win in Game 4, was the Oilers would have returned home for Game…


Throwback Thursday: This Week in Hockey History

It’s that time of the week again when you can impart your throwback fun fact hockey knowledge to all of your friends while taking in the first round of this year’s playoffs! Let’s get at ‘er for the week that was April 13-19th:



It has been a trying season for Jesse Puljujarvi, who did not explode on the NHL scene like his brother Finn Patrik Laine. What happened? What’s next? Perhaps there are some clues from this season that will help us out. THE BEGINNING I always like to go back to the draft, in order to re-set…


WWYDW: How would you change the Oilers after a 7-0 loss?

There are two schools of thought on a loss like the one the Edmonton Oilers suffered on Tuesday night in San Jose. The first is that a loss is a loss, and that a 7-0 defeat doesn’t count for any more than a 3-2 overtime decision in a playoff series. The other is that a…


Paging the offence

The Edmonton Oilers have scored five goals in four games. The forwards have one 5×5 goal in the series. The Oilers played very well defensively in games two and three, but they need to be more determined offensively, more discliplined and not show their frustration so easily. The playoff intensity is a new beast and…