PRESENTED BY FINNING CANADA: Real Life Podcast – Episode Two

This week we discuss Jason Strudwick finally learning the finer points of hockey; the trials and tribulations of coaching Initiation hockey. We also tackle your music Guilty Pleasures, the over protection of goalie’s feelings, Jaromir Jagr the stick boy and Wanye’s obvious commitment issues.


Monday Mailbag – How do you fix the power play?

It’s mailbag time again, my friends, and that means I’ve taken the questions you’ve sent me and fired them over to our panel of writers to get all the answers you’ve always been looking for. I say it every week, but this segment is entirely dependent on you guys to make it work, so send me your questions. You can…


WWYDW: What need is highest on your Oilers wishlist?

The Edmonton Oilers’ first 10 games have been all that could have been hoped for, with the team going 7-2-1 and putting enough points in the bank that a breakthrough season is a realistic possibility. For that to happen, though, Edmonton will need to continue on as it’s started. In this week’s edition of What…


Presented by Finning Canada: New Podcast – Wanye Speaks

We have a new podcast at the Nation called Real Life. Myself, Jason Strudwick and Nation co-founder Wanye Gretz will be a part of it. Struds and I really enjoyed working together for a few years and have been looking to do something together for awhile. Wanye is actually quite funny, and smart, and after…


Monday Mailbag – Who’s the Best Defenseman So Far?

The weekend is over, you’re back at work, and you need a way to kill a little bit of company time until you’re allowed to part ways with the office and your pants. As always, I present you with another edition of the Monday Mailbag. The mailbag only works because of you guys, and if you…


WWYDW: Roster Moves

Once again, the Oilers have been hit by the injury bug this season and that means guys have had to step up their games to fill the void left by their injured comrades. In this week’s WWYDW, I want to know what kind of roster moves you’d make once guys start getting healthy again.


Monday Mailbag – Does Puljujarvi Stick Around?

You watched the outdoor game, you got a bit day drunk, and now you’re looking for ways to kill company time until you’re allowed to leave. Luckily, the mailbag is here to save you from being too productive and I’m pretty good about not telling your boss about all the time you spent here. As…


WWYDW: Critical Thresholds and Jesse Puljujarvi

Jesse Puljujarvi was a healthy scratch for the Edmonton Oilers’ game last night against the Carolina Hurricanes, and has averaged just 10:51 in the three games he has played. In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask our readers to explain how they would handle the 18-year-old Finn if they ran…


Monday Mailbag – Does Connor Pass Too Much?

We’re three games into the McDavid era and you fine folks have questions that need answers. As always, I’ve gathered the Nation writers and sent them your questions. Don’t hesitate to store these little wisdom seeds in your brain garden and let them blossom. If you have a question for next week’s mailbag you can…


WWYDW: Balanced Scoring or Loaded Lines?

Leon Draisaitl will start the year playing at centre, but it seems virtually certain that he’ll also see right wing fairly early in the 2016-17 NHL season. Where he ultimately ends up is a key component of today’s What Would You Do Wednesday question: Should the Oilers run a relatively balanced three-line attack or load…


McDavid: Is 100 points possible?

In the 100 years of NHL hockey only 106 players have scored 100 points in a season, and they have done it a total of 272 times. Of those 106 players, 47 of them did it once, 21 reached it twice and only 38 players have managed 100 points three times or more. Wayne Gretzky…



So, how do you think Connor McDavid spent the end of his first day as the captain of the Edmonton Oilers? Out on the town celebrating with friends or teammates? Doing interviews with various national media outlets? You’d think so, but no.