Since it launched last fall, the Real Life Podcast has had a long and troubled history with the law and specifically the law in Edmonton where the show is recorded. First, there was the time Strudwick showed up at Little Brick to record during the Christmas Break when the cafe was closed to the public. Wanye…


Monday Mailbag – How do I Survive a Playoff Run?

Whether you’re killing company time, or laying in bed in your Garth Brooks pyjamas, the mailbag is here to help you make a dent in your Monday. Whether you’re doing everything you can to avoid being productive until it’s time to leave or watching the clock until it’s socially acceptable to drink, I’m just happy that…


WWYDW: Trade Deadline Rental What-If

(Photo credit: Billy Hurst/USA Today Sports) We are now just a week away from the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline. With that in mind, for this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we thought we’d look at some of the rental options potentially available to the Oilers.


Monday Mailbag – What Will Scouts see in Pouliot?

Here we are on another pantless long-weekend Monday, but this time we look to avoid spending time with loved ones as opposed to pretending to be busy at work. With the trade deadline just around the corner, you need to prepare yourself as best you can and that includes absorbing the wisdom that’s waiting for…


The McDavid Effect

  Embed from Getty Images   How big of an influence can one single player have on an NHL team? I went to Edmonton to get the answer – and met it at the airport. Here is the story of how Connor McDavid’s quick journey to the top has made the Edmonton Oilers an NHL…


Monday Mailbag – Solving the Secondary Scoring Problem

  The weekend is over, you’re back at work, and you need a way to kill some time. I get it, and I’m here to help. As always, I present you with another edition of the Monday Mailbag to help guide you through those workplace lulls. The mailbag only works because of you guys, and if…


WWYDW: Mortgaging the Future

The Edmonton Oilers find themselves in a difficult position as the trade deadline approaches. On the one hand, the team is stocked with younger players, whose best years are in front of them. On the other hand, the West is weak and this is a team that might be able to make some noise immediately….


Baggedmilk Investigates: News, Notes, and Bye Week Rumblings

Is there anything quite like an off week to slow down the Oilers news pipeline? Unfortunately, we still need something to talk about and that means I had to put on my detective hat and scour the Internet to see what I could find. As a result, I’ve spent the day scouring the Internet to…


Monday Mailbag – Who Are the Unsung Heroes?

If you’re reading during the daylight then there’s a good chance that you’re using this mailbag as a means to kill company time, and for that I salute you. This week we take a look at All-Star Breaks, the heavy road schedule in February, the unsung heroes, and more. If you have a question you can…


Real Life Podcast: Episode 13: Struds in Hong Kong

This week Struds was live in Hong Kong and Gregor was in Edmonton. We are not sure if it is the first Edmonton-Hong Kong live Podcast, but it is definitely rare. The boys discussed hockey in Hong Kong, the NHL’s top-100 and what to expect in the “second half” of the season.