An Abrupt End

The playoffs can be cruel. In a blink of an eye the Oilers 2017 playoffs ended in Anaheim. Oilers fans were completely engrossed with playoff fever, but suddenly you woke up and the season was over. In an instant, the great ride Oilersnation endured is over. Now the focus turns to the expansion draft, the…


The Inescapable Conclusion

There will be plenty of time to look back at this profoundly joyous season. We’ll do that later when we have time. We’ll break down trades and signings as they happen. There will be a time to examine what went wrong in the playoffs in the coming days and weeks. This article isn’t about any…



The Edmonton Oilers now look forward to summer and there will be changes. Peter Chiarelli has made roster improvements each of the last two summers, there are fewer holes this time and enormous deals are (probably) a thing of the past. One of the early items, and a big one, is the expansion draft. With…


What a Ride…

Man, as much as I want to be upset about the result of last night’s game I can’t help but feel good about it and be proud of how far this team has come.


WWYDW: So, you see Connor McDavid at the airport…

It’s Game 7 tonight, and given that the Edmonton Oilers haven’t played in one since 2006 that’s been a dominant topic today. So we’re going to leave it alone for a moment and focus on something completely different. In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask what the proper etiquette is…


Game Seven Stats

How often have you looked at the time today? The day is likely passing much slower than you’d hoped. You can’t wait for game seven, so here are some stats to help pass the time.


A Guide to Game 7 Workplace Slacking

With Game 7 being under 11 hours away, I doubt that any of you that are reading this are doing anything remotely close to what you’re supposed to be doing right now. With that in mind, I want to put together a list of ways that you can expel your nervous energy while also looking like…


Real Life Podcast 26 – Ryan Smyth

The original recording of the show this week was supposed to be at 10 AM. At the last minute it got moved to 6 PM. Wanye entered the studio spazzing out “why do we move the show time all around? This is absurd! I have a life you know. “Well Wanye” replied Gregor with the…


Shouting Out the Edmonton Oilers Farm Style

Check out what’s going on in Kyle Herzog’s field at Township 482 & Range Road 73. My friends, we have an farm artist that deserves praise from the high heavens and most certainly from the Nation.