Leon Draisaitl, Top German on the Ice and in Our Hearts

I don’t think I have to tell you guys how much I love Leon Draisaitl. I’m literally the guy that’s been trying to crowbar the Big Sexy nickname into the Nation’s vernacular since the day I found out just how big and sexy he is but that’s not why we’re here. Sexiness aside, Leon Draisaitl’s…


What do Devils Fans Think of Taylor Hall?

Your daily dose of ridiculous dangles. Brought to you by, @hallsy09. #PHIvsNJD pic.twitter.com/gzgD0DzETi — NHL (@NHL) March 17, 2017 Yesterday it came to fruition that Tyler Pitlick has more even strength goals thank ex-Oiler and master of all things left wing, Taylor Hall. No Taylor Hall isn’t having a career-year with New Jersey, and yes…


That’s Hockey

Six goals, two fights, great passing, hard hits and some actual animosity. The first period of last night’s game between the Oilers and Bruins is how hockey should be played. Too often we get caught up in over analyzing the game and focusing only on mistakes, rather than remembering it is supposed to be entertainment….


All Aboard (Again)!

Wasn’t it just, like, two games ago that the playoff bandwagon was upside down and on fire in the ditch after the Edmonton Oilers lost their third straight game in a 4-1 defeat to the Montreal Canadiens at Rogers Place? Sure it was. The line-up to get back on forms to the left today after…


Now What?

The downside of losing Brandon Davidson for nothing (in the expansion draft) was losing him for nothing. That said, at least the transaction, evil as it would have been, would have completed the expansion price. The Oilers won’t lose Brandon Davidson in the expansion draft, but will lose a player (unless a trade can be…


WWYDW: The Playoff Lineup

After a three-game slump, the Edmonton Oilers broke out on Tuesday, pumping five goals past a hapless Antti Niemi and then adding two more on Kari Lehtonen just for good measure, in a 7-1 win over Dallas. In this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask whether Todd McLellan has found the optimal lineup…


Real Life Podcast Episode 18: David Pelletier

David Pelletier grew up in rural Quebec, and he barely spoke English when he went to his first skating competition in Saskatoon. He and partner Jamie Sale won a gold medal in pairs figure skating at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, but only after a judge admitted she was pressured to give Russia higher marks….


Top 100 Oilers: Kelly Buchberger (27)

When it comes to players who turned modest talent, the willingness to work harder than anybody else and do whatever it took into a career in the NHL, Kelly Buchberger set the bar higher than just about anybody I can think of. There is no other way to characterize Bucky, who played 1,182 regular season…


Fixing a Hole

Peter Chiarelli did it last year, but can he do it again? Faced with a small return on the 2014 draft, Edmonton’s general manager chose to boldly go into the college free-agent market. The result was a handsome upgrade and a sharp turn from a negative to a positive. THE 2014 DRAFT I look forward…


Future Free Agents: T.J. Oshie

There’s a reason the Washington Capitals went all in at the trade deadline earlier this month. With the acquisition of Kevin Shattenkirk, likely this year’s biggest rental prize available, the Caps immediately became Stanley Cup favourites — if they weren’t already. Why the urgency? This summer, their window to win with the current group they’ve…