Oilersnation Pre Game Podcast – Game Four vs Chicago

The Oilers have their backs firmly against the wall. They’re facing elimination in their best-of-five series against the Chicago Blackhawks and are coming off a heartbreaking game three loss. Tonight is going to be a real test for a rather inexperienced Oilers team as they try to stay alive against the likes of Jonathan Toews,…


Oilersnation Radio Episode 98 – Do or Die

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an elimination day episode of Oilersnation Radio. We got this week’s podcast up bright and early to preview tonight’s game, discuss the later Oilers news, and figure out what the hell the boys need to do to get this series evened up.


Real Life Podcast Episode 202 – Hope Will Never Die

Welcome, Nation, to a brand new Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast to get you caught up on all things Edmonton Oilers and life in general. On today’s podcast, we looked at the Oilers’ play-in series versus the Chicago Blackhawks, the rise of the 50/50, and a whole lot more.


Oilersnation Pre Game Podcast – Game Three vs Chicago

After turning in a much better performance in game two, the Oilers evened up their Qualifying Round series with the Chicago Blackhawks and tonight, they’ll look to take a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series. Game one was a crushing defeat and while the Oilers were better in game two, there is still some room…


Oilersnation Pre Game Podcast – Game Two vs Chicago

Normally, I wouldn’t call game two of a playoff series a must-win, but this isn’t a normal playoff series. In a quick, best of five series, it’s not a stretch to say that the Oilers season might come down to how tonight’s game against the Blackhawks plays out. After laying an egg in the series…


Oilersnation Pre Game Podcast – Game One vs Chicago

Oilers hockey is back & that means I am back with a brand new edition of the Oilersnation Pre Game Podcast… PLAYOFF EDITION! As always the podcast is brought to you by the fine folks at YEG Burger and it will be available every single Oilers game day! If you’re new to the pod, here’s…


Real Life Podcast Episode 200 – A Meme Worthy Playoff Preview

For the first time in four months, we had hockey to talk about! The guys were joined by ‘Memeamoto’ this week to do a full playoff preview! They started off the podcast by talking about their first impressions of the Battle of Alberta ‘Exhibition Edition’! It was the first time seeing the new NHL set…