Oh hello. It’s your ol’ pal Wanye here. Did you know I recently learned how to talk and I am now blabbing away on a weekly podcast with Edmonton Illuminati members Jason Gregor and Strudwick? It’s true.


Real Life Podcast: Episode Three

Our fearless founder Wanye is shovelling his way out of Iceland and once again was absent from the Podcast, but we had actor and comedian Wayne Jones join us. We traded a Wanye for a Wayne. Clever.


PRESENTED BY FINNING CANADA: Real Life Podcast – Episode Two

This week we discuss Jason Strudwick finally learning the finer points of hockey; the trials and tribulations of coaching Initiation hockey. We also tackle your music Guilty Pleasures, the over protection of goalie’s feelings, Jaromir Jagr the stick boy and Wanye’s obvious commitment issues.


Presented by Finning Canada: New Podcast – Wanye Speaks

We have a new podcast at the Nation called Real Life. Myself, Jason Strudwick and Nation co-founder Wanye Gretz will be a part of it. Struds and I really enjoyed working together for a few years and have been looking to do something together for awhile. Wanye is actually quite funny, and smart, and after…