Real Life Podcast Episode 22: Jamie McLennan

The playoff edition of the RLP is here. We caught up with former NHLer and current TSN analyst Jamie McLennan to discuss some playoff memories, mainly the time he was in Calgary and went after Johan Franzen. Watch the video and you will chuckle at how over the top the broadcasters went.


Real Life Podcast Episode 21: Fernando Pisani

This week Struds and I caught up with one of the most popular players during the Oilers 2006 Stanley Cup run, Fernando Pisani. Pisani had an incredible spring. He scored 14 goals, which is the second most goals in any playoff year between 1997-2016. Only Sidney Crosby had more when he tallied 15 in 2009….


Real Life Podcast Episode 20: Brad Winchester

The Edmonton Oilers are going back to the playoffs. For many fans aged 18-28 this will be their first trip to the playoffs as an adult. Enjoy the ride, and this week we caught up with former Oilers Brad Winchester to discuss his wild 2006 playoff journey. Winchester was a rookie in 2006 and he…


Real Life Podcast Episode 19: Jarret Stoll

The Oilers will be back in the playoffs for the first time since 2006. Oilersnation has never experienced the playoffs. The site was born in 2007 and since then every reader has been waiting and waiting, and waiting for the postseason. It will finally arrive on April 12th or 13th, depending on who and where…


Real Life Podcast Episode 18: David Pelletier

David Pelletier grew up in rural Quebec, and he barely spoke English when he went to his first skating competition in Saskatoon. He and partner Jamie Sale won a gold medal in pairs figure skating at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, but only after a judge admitted she was pressured to give Russia higher marks….



As the Mighty Edmonton Oilers surge towards a playoff appearance the Real Life hosts discuss playoff formats, who the Oilers should face in a perfect world and Strudwick suggests emulating MLB playoff formats with a Play In game where the 9th team in each conference would get a single playoff game at the end of…



Since it launched last fall, the Real Life Podcast has had a long and troubled history with the law and specifically the law in Edmonton where the show is recorded. First, there was the time Strudwick showed up at Little Brick to record during the Christmas Break when the cafe was closed to the public. Wanye…


Real Life Podcast: Episode 13: Struds in Hong Kong

This week Struds was live in Hong Kong and Gregor was in Edmonton. We are not sure if it is the first Edmonton-Hong Kong live Podcast, but it is definitely rare. The boys discussed hockey in Hong Kong, the NHL’s top-100 and what to expect in the “second half” of the season.


Real Life Podcast Episode 12: The Squirrel Grab

In episode 12 we had a special last minute guest. Wanye’s compound in Mexico was in lock down, his Internet was down and he wasn’t available. So Struds and I started out discussing hockey and then we were joined by former Aussie Rules Footballer Josh Brown, who is currently residing in Edmonton and working for…