Real Life Podcast Episode 37: Struds chirps McDavid

Wanye Gretz slid into the host chair this week. He’s been wanting to host for awhile so he ran the show, and surprisingly it didn’t go into the ditch. It did veer off to the shoulder a few times, but he was able to regain control. Struds and his wife were the emcees at Jordan…


Real Life Podcast Episode 36: The Three Amigos

It’s recommended by the International Podcast Association that after a giant show with epic guests, you take a breather and don’t go too crazy the next show* And so take a break from guests they did and instead the Boys got to talkin’ some unscripted sh*t. The boys got it going and discussed their Top…


Real Life Podcast Episode 34: Todd Woodcroft

This week Wanye jumped the gun thinking that Jordan Eberle was coming on the show this week instead of next. But instead of running to the studio to speak to former #14 for the Edmonton Oilers, he and the boys were lucky to speak with Todd Woodcroft – assistant coach for the Winnipeg Jets and a…


Real Life Podcast Episode 33: Ryan Whitney

This week the boys were joined by former NHLer Ryan Whitney. Whitney is a now an analyst on the NHL network, Sportsnet and part of the very successful Podcast, Spittin Chicklets. They  discussed the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby and how Whitney was a huge part of their success; not in the way you’d think. He…


Real Life Podcast Episode 32 – George Kingston

With the Expansion Draft on the tip of everyone’s tongues right now the intrepid trio chatted with George Kingston this week – Head Coach of the San Jose Sharks when they broke into the NHL in 1991 as well as Assistant Coach of the Expansion Atlanta Thrashers when they joined the league in 1997.


Real Life Podcast Episode 31 – Tom Gilbert

The first half of the show this week was a bit off because this week’s guest got his wires crossed and Tom Gilbert didn’t join up until the second half. To stall for time, Wanye tried a bit where he pretended to be Tom Gilbert, but quickly realized that Gilbert was on the show so…


Real Life Podcast Episode 30 – Magnus Paajarvi

This week Gregor shook off his kidney stone that kept him on the shelf for last week’s podcast and the reunited trio talked with St. Louis Blues forward Magnus Paajarvi. Magnus was a great sport, having woken up in the middle of the night over in Sweden to appear on the show and talk some smack….


Real Life Podcast Episode 29 – Mike Commodore

This week’s show featured Jason Strudwick of NHL fame and Wanye – with Gregor taking the week off. The boys chatted with former NHL player and current Bon Vivant Mike Commodore. He gave us his take on Josh Green tackling an A&W mascot for no good reason in Red Deer a few years back and…


Real Life Podcast Episode 28 – Josh Green

This week the boys talked to former Oiler Josh Green who has recently hung up the skates after a career that spanned 341 games in the NHL and took him all over the world and back in 20 years of professional hockey. They talked about the grind of working to get into the NHL and…


Real Life Podcast Episode 27 – Matt Hendricks

If you listened in last week you would have heard Wanye’s brain melting as the trio spoke with none other than Ryan Smyth despite Gregor’s original promise that Wanye would “never have to meet a celebrity or talk to an Oiler if he does the podcast.”


Real Life Podcast 26 – Ryan Smyth

The original recording of the show this week was supposed to be at 10 AM. At the last minute it got moved to 6 PM. Wanye entered the studio spazzing out “why do we move the show time all around? This is absurd! I have a life you know. “Well Wanye” replied Gregor with the…