There’s a new lil Lucic

It’s the offseason, and sometimes the Oilers positive news stories are hard to come by. Today was not one of those days. Milan Lucic and his wife Brittany have a big announcement to make:


What’s going on with Oscar Klefbom’s Instagram?

Alright, so it’s the middle of May and we’re always looking for something to write about but then I got this weird little social nugget sent my way through a text and on Twitter. There’s something going on with Oscar Klefbom’s Instagram account right now and I’m going to try to get to the bottom…


The WHL put together a Stuart Skinner highlight pack

With Stuart Skinner winning the WHL Championship on Sunday night and signing his entry-level contract with the Edmonton Oilers yesterday, it seemed fitting that the WHL would put together a highlight pack for the goaltender. When watching the video, one thing that stands out right away is Skinner’s ability to follow the puck without looking…


Oilers at the World Hockey Championships

Team Canada is three games into the World Hockey Championships in Denmark where they are expected to take home a gold medal *knocks on wood*. Today they have a break from games so I thought it would be a great time to give a recap on how our boys are doing overseas!


Agora Borealis: Northlands Coliseum Site Pitch

A new group has come forward with a last-minute plan to repurpose the Northlands Coliseum site and upgrade the area with a new look and vision. The goal is to create “an open space serving as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities.”


The Summer Plan Photoshop finalists

A couple weeks ago, I launched the Oilers offseason summer plan Photoshop contest and, as expected, you guys came through like you always do. Now that the deadline has past and the entries are in, it’s time to put the finalists up for a vote so that you may decide their fate.


McDavid reacts to the Hart voting

In unsurprising news last week, Connor McDavid was left off the Hart Trophy finalists list. In other unsurprising news, Twitter erupted while complaining about the thought process behind the PHWA’s voting. It was a discussion that built up for weeks about how Connor was likely to be snubbed solely on the fact that the Oilers did…


Tonight we #MakeItFive

My friends, the day is finally here. Draft Lottery day. Our Stairway to Heaven. A day when Oilers fans everywhere feel a little more confident than anyone else in the league because we’ve been there before, we’ve climbed to the mother truckin’ mountaintop in spite of all odds. Sure, some may say that the Oilers…


Humboldt Delivery Update

It’s been a grind, but we’re getting there! We had 4,000 orders consisting of 7,000 shirts to ship. We began yesterday and today we’re reaching the process of getting your orders in the mail. You don’t realize how big of a number 7,000 actually is until you see 7,000 shirts in a room. I’m not…