WWYDW: Darnell Nurse’s contract – bridge or long term?

With Ryan Strome signing last week, it seems like one of the last bits of housekeeping the Oilers have to get done is a new deal for defenceman Darnell Nurse. In this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, I’m asking you what you would do with Darnell Nurse’s next contract?


WWYDW: Who plays with who?

At this point, it looks like the Oilers’ roster is largely set heading into the 2018-19 season. The team made a few low-key additions over free agency, but, as expected, nothing major. Edmonton has about $8 million in cap room left to play with, but Ryan Strome and Darnell Nurse still don’t have contracts, so…


WWYDW: Diving into the bargain bin

With the window to qualify restricted free agents now over, a whole batch of new and interesting unrestricted free agents have been dumped in the bargain bin. Given Edmonton’s ugly cap situation, it makes a lot of sense for Peter Chiarelli to take a dive to find some under-the-radar bargains to add to the roster…


WWYDW: Draft for need or pick the best player available?

I wrote last week about the possibility of trading up or down at the draft. That’s still a possibility, but, for now, the Oilers have the No. 10 overall pick on Friday. Anything could happen between now and the moment Peter Chiarelli steps up to the podium, but let’s operate under the assumption that the…


WWYDT: Trade up, down, or stay at No. 10?

I know, I know. It’s supposed to be What Would You Do Wednesday. But sometimes in the lovely, sunny confines of Riverdale with the birds chirping and Family Feud on the TV, we completely forget what day it is. So here we are! What Would You Do Wednesday Thursday Edition!  The draft is right around the…


WWYDW: Dealing a player with term?

Bob Stauffer put out an interesting and somewhat ambiguous tweet today about how he envisions Edmonton’s off-season playing out. Stauffer said he doesn’t expect the Oilers to deal their No. 10 overall pick or be in on pricey unrestricted free agents but they might look to deal one of their players locked into a long-term…


WWYDW: The ideal UFA target

It was announced this week that the NHL’s salary cap ceiling for 2018-19 will fall between $78 and $82 million. That’s good news for the Oilers as Connor McDavid’s $12.5 million extension is set to kick in on top of the team’s already-crowded salary cap picture.


WWYDW: The key restricted free agents — Nurse, Benning, and Strome

Earlier this week, hockey statistician Matt Cane released his annual free agent predictions model featuring projected salaries for this summer’s restricted and unrestricted free agents. Of interest for the Oilers are defencemen Matt Benning and Darnell Nurse, who are set to sign their first post-ELC contracts, and Ryan Strome, who’ll be signing his third NHL…


WWYDW: What should a package of Klefbom + 10th get in return?

Earlier today, Ryan Rishaug dropped an absolutely horrifying prospect on Oilers fans. He suggested that the Oilers were going hard for a big name player and then proceeded to give the example of Rasmus Ristolainen as the target. Okay, sure. That’s all fine and dandy. Ristolainen can produce offence, quarterback a power play, and he’s…


WWYDW: How hard would you go to acquire Erik Karlsson?

Imagine a team with Connor McDavid and Erik Karlsson. Just think about it. Seriously, it might take a few moments to clear your mind and allow yourself to visualize it because it seems so far-fetched, but once you’re there, it’s borderline erotic.


WWYDW: The first-round pick

The Oilers didn’t win the draft lottery. Hell is freezing over! We’ve talked about it before, but now that we know exactly where the Oilers will be picking come draft day in June, it’s time to bring it up again. What should the Oilers do with the 10th overall pick?


WWYDW: The goalie situation

With the Oilers on the outside of the playoffs looking in this spring, there isn’t much to talk about in Oil Country. As a result, a rumour about the Oilers reportedly gearing up to sign KHL goalie Mikko Koskinen to a two-year deal has become the biggest point of conversation around the team this week.