WWYDW: Season Tickets

There’s been a storm cloud looming over the Oilers organization this season. With the climb looking insurmountable and the clock ticking quickly, it appears the Oilers are going to be on the outside of the playoff picture looking in yet again. With each passing loss, poor performance, and sleepy game in front of a frustrated…


WWYDW: The next general manager

Apparently, the Oilers are in the third phase of their general manager search, which consisted of asking opponents around the league who they thought would be viable candidates for the gig. A few weeks from now, the Oilers will enter the fourth phase of their search, which will be interviewing the finalists they’ve selected as…


WWYDW(FE): A hindsight look at the trade deadline

The trade deadline came and went and the Oilers stood pat. They made a couple of moves prior to the deadline, but the front office didn’t do anything on deadline day to help the team make a push for the playoffs or stockpile future assets.


WWYDW: Acquiring a former Oiler

Last weekend, Keith Gretzky pulled the trigger on a one-for-one deal to bring a familiar face back to town. He dealt the struggling Ryan Spooner to Vancouver for Sam Gagner, the 2007 sixth-overall pick who spent the first eight seasons of his career in Edmonton.


WWYDW: The next coach

The Ken Hitchcock era in Edmonton has been a strange one. The Oilers brought in the future Hall of Fame coach in November after Todd McLellan got fired to inject some new life in the blood of an underachieving club.


WWYDW: Keeping Chiasson

For all the terrible signings and trades Peter Chiarelli made, he did manage to find one diamond in the rough this year. Alex Chiasson came into camp on a PTO, signed a league minimum deal, and has gone on to shatter his career-high in goals half-way through the season. According to Rob Tychkowski, Chiasson has expressed…


WWYDW: Fitting Andrej Sekera under the salary cap

The big boost everybody has been looking forward to is the return of Oscar Klefbom. The Oilers have gone into a tailspin since Klefbom got hurt back in early December, winning just five of 18 games since he was placed on the Injured Reserve. But then there’s also Andrej Sekera, the forgotten defenceman who has…


WWYDW BONUS EDITION: How to make All-Star Weekend interesting

The NHL’s annual All-Star Weekend came and went and there’s a very good chance you didn’t pay any attention to it. If you did, you probably tuned into either the Skills Competition on Friday or the Three-on-Three Tournament on Saturday because there was nothing else on.


WWYDW(FE): Buy or sell?

With Peter Chiarelli getting the axe prior to the Oilers’ mid-season break, the matter of how to navigate the trade deadline becomes a lot more complicated.


WWYDW(FE): Giving Pistol Pete the Keys

The trade deadline is on the horizon and the Oilers are thoroughly in the mix for a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Given what we know about the organization’s overwhelming desire to ensure a playoff appearance, the Oilers would have to put together a monumental collapse over the next 15 games prior to the…


WWYDW: All-Star Game or NHL Draft?

Wait, doesn’t Cam Lewis (aka Coom) usually write the “What Would You Do Wednesday” piece? Yes, he usually does but this week our bosses decided that my idea was better so they’ve given Coom the old “Brandon Manning” and sent him to the press box this week. My inspiration for this week’s edition of WWYDW…


WWYDW (FE): Secondary Scoring

Welcome, friends, to a Friday edition of WWYDW. It’s the weekly feature that throws out an idea to you the reader and it’s up to you to come up with a solution This week, I wanted to talk about the seemingly endless problem of secondary scoring and what you guys would do to fix it,…