WWYDW(SE): The Sweetener

I wrote yesterday that the Vancouver Canucks were reportedly interested in acquiring Milan Lucic in a change of scenery style swap for Loui Eriksson. Given the fact Lucic has an extra year on his contract than Eriksson does, it was suggested that the Canucks would be looking for the Oilers to give them a sweetener…


WWYDW(SE): What can the NHL learn from the NBA?

For the first time ever, an NBA Finals is garnering more hype and excitement in Canada than the Stanley Cup Final. This, of course, is because the Toronto Raptors have reached the Finals for the first time in franchise history and millions of people across the country are jumping on the bandwagon.


WWYDW(TE): Dave Tippett

According to Bob McKenzie, the Edmonton Oilers’ coaching gig is Dave Tippett’s to lose. McKenzie reported yesterday that not only is Tippett the leading candidate for the job, but he’s also currently the only candidate.


WWYDW(FE): The Other Goalie

For better or worse, the Oilers starting goalie next year will be Mikko Koskinen. The Oilers, as we know, made the puzzling choice to ink him to a three-year deal worth $4.5 million annually despite the fact he hasn’t proved he can be the main guy on a playoff-calibre team.


WWYDW(FE): Season Tickets

This is an important time for the Edmonton Oilers. The fanbase’s angst is at an all-time high with the team failing to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons despite great play from Connor McDavid. As a result, many fans have shown skepticism to renew their season tickets.


WWYDW: Issues with the playoffs

With tonight’s Game 7 between the Carolina Hurricanes and Washington Capitals, the first round of the NHL’s playoffs will come to an end. It’s been a wild one, to say the least.


WWYDW: The Jordan Eberle Redemption Tour

In just a couple of years, Jordan Eberle has gone from playoff scapegoat to playoff hero. He was invisible during the Oilers playoff run back in 2017, failing to record a goal over the course of 13 games, but he was instrumental in the Islanders’ shocking sweep of the Penguins, racking up four goals.


WWYDW: Trade or pick

The Oilers didn’t have the lottery balls fall in their favour last night (as Taylor Hall continued his streak of dominance at the draft lottery) and will select eighth overall at this year’s entry draft. Now that we know where the Oilers are selecting, we can explore the two options ahead of the team at…


WWYDW(FE): If you were Connor McDavid

With the season winding to an end and the Oilers sitting on the outside of the playoffs looking in, the Oilers have ultimately wasted three of the first four years of Connor McDavid’s NHL career.


WWYDW(FE): Ken Hitchcock

When Ken Hitchcock was fired to replace Todd McLellan back in November, everybody just sort of assumed it was going to be a one-year thing. Hitchcock would fill the void behind the bench as a veteran presence as the Oilers tried to salvage their season and then he would ride off into the sunset as…


WWYDW(FE): Start Fresh

To say Bob Nicholson’s tour through Oilers season ticket holder meetings has been a public relations nightmare would be an understatement.