Sam Gagner’s season is over. He joins Taylor Hall and Ales Hemsky on the sidelines in what has been a nightmare two weeks for the Oilers’ skilled men.


Souray, Tambellini, and Pyrrhus

Sheldon Souray’s fall from grace has been almost absolute. A season ago he was admired by the vast majority of Oilers fans, respected for his powerful shot, surprisingly good defence, and perhaps most of all for a nasty streak which demonstrated itself time and again. Now, he finds himself an outcast, reviled by many of […]


Oilers Improved Draft Grades

Player procurement is a vital part of any NHL team. Draft bullets are only as valuable as the men who decide to pull the trigger on draft day. In the last 15 seasons, Edmonton Oiler fans have been exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly from three different head scouts. It’s been a […]


Steve Tambellini & The Quest For Grit

One of the over-arching themes of Steve Tambellini’s time as General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers has been the ongoing quest to make the team stronger, grittier, and more emotional. Few skillsets have been targeted with the same zeal and commitment with which the Tambellini Oilers have pursued players who fit those descriptors.


McDonald Loving It

Colin McDonald has done a lot of things well this season: porn moustache, goal scoring, working hard at EVs, PK and PP. There is a "window of opportunity" for an Oiler forward currently being occupied by Gilbert Brule. Technically called "3rd line right-winger", this player needs to bring a physical style, some goal scoring and perhaps most […]



In 1972 the fourth best-selling popular music artist in the history of recorded music, ABBA, was formed and they went on to sell 375 million records worldwide. Dancing Queen, Fernando, Money, Money, Money and Knowing Me, Knowing You all became #1 hits.  Anni-Frid "Frida" Lynqstad, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson and Agnetha Faltskog had incredible chemistry, […]



Having made a decent living for 28 years by asking questions, many of them less-than-brilliant, I’ve got a whole bunch of them rattling around my oversized cranium regarding the Edmonton Oilers in the wake of that hideous 4-1 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs Tuesday.


Sleepless Night UPDATED

Early tomorrow morning, the final cuts for Team Canada’s world junior team will get a phonecall. The merciful coaching staff make the cuts early so the kids can hit the airport and (hopefully) avoid the media. Two Edmonton Oiler prospects played tonight (against a team of CIS All-Stars) and will be watching late night television, counting […]



The Oilers wrap up their November schedule with a date in Canada’s capital city. The Oilers are 3-8-2 in November and have been outscored 55-27 so far this month. The Oilers haven’t won in Ottawa since March 14th, 2002 when Anson Carter, Mike Comrie, Rem "The Gem" Murray and Brian Swanson scored in a 4-1 […]


Down Day for the Department of Youth

As a parent I have often stood in stunned silence while observing my children on life’s learning curve. The boy riding cardboard down the stairs, firing heavy items at his sister one Saturday morning with the classic line "don’t move, I think I can hit you this time" (poor little girl, when I got to her she […]


Track Record

The Edmonton Oilers have been out of balance since TC 2006-07. In fact, the one time in the last ten years that the team boasted a veteran goalie, quality top 6 blue with a range of skills and a strong group at forward the team made the SCF’s. If they know the template, why can’t they […]


Horcoff and Die

The first time I noticed Shawn Horcoff, a pretty pass was zipping through the slot in a fall 2000 scrimmage. The intended target didn’t get the pass, as his stick had been raised by his shadow; the two skaters faded from the scene, the puck safely out of harm’s way. The shadow? Shawn Horcoff. His mark […]