Ashes By Now

The job of an NHL scout is to project into the future. Their friends are knowledge, experience, other scouts, the tailor-made computer program, miles and miles of blacktop and sheer freaking luck. Their odds are so poor anyone not absolutely married to the career would drop it based on logic and reason within the three…



  In the absence of anything interesting happening, we will discuss uninteresting things that are on our brain today. If not for a brief escape from the day to day mundanity of the work week, but to appease Ender the Dragon who emailed us earlier with a message:



The Comrie Corporation – Duff Inc Corporate merger has gone ahead, with the final agreement signed yesterday in Montecito, California according to reports surfacing on the interwebs.


The Forgotten Taylor

That’s Taylor Chorney playing defense in one of the U of A-Oilers rookie games. Chorney’s slow adjustment to pro hockey is a major worry for the Oilers organization. He may not be good enough to play defense in the NHL. Ever.


Gilbert Brule & The “Kill Floor”

The title for today’s post is in reference to David Staples’ comments the other day on Gilbert Brule, a player he expects to continue scoring goals – because he fires the puck from close to the net.


Oilers Forwards & Drawing Penalties

In the comments section to my Zack Stortini article yesterday, reader Jake suggested that Stortini might be a better fit as an agitator than as a fighter. It’s a thought I liked, and one that I’ve had before. Just to see how well Stortini was doing in that department, I decided to look at penalties…



  On Friday the Oilers finalized their coaching staff with a name few expected or had even heard of; Ralph Krueger. I was perplexed and had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Renney and find out why Krueger? We also got to chatting about Gilbert Brule, Andrew Cogliano and other things.


Standing Out in the Crowd

For the 09-10 Edmonton Oilers, life (as they knew it) is over. Buyouts, trades, declining to make offers to rfa’s, the troops will look much different come fall. Fans are on board with the rebuild and will be watching the future closely beginning with training camp. The important new names? Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Pääjärvi and Chris…


Are We There Yet?

Andrew Cogliano’s final 21 games of the 09-10 season look much better than the rest of his year. In March and April, he went 21gp, 5-10-15 +3 and saw his shooting percentage improve to 13.5 (his career shooting percentage entering this past season was almost 17%). Previous to that, he looked pretty much lost (61gp,…