The Oilers, Minus Trades

One way to assess the work done by the scouting staff is to go back and look at what a team would look like if they only used players taken in the NHL Draft. With news about the Oilers fairly slow at the moment, this seemed like a good time to indulge in this exercise…



A week has passed since the Oilers finished their worst season ever. I know statistically they had more points than the 1993 team, but there was no shootouts then, so let’s not argue semantics. This season sucked worse than any other, plain and simple.



Don’t fool yourself Oiler fans, if there is one team the Wings are scared of this year it is the mighty Oil. In a stat that defies logic, the Oilers are 3-0 against the Wings this season. Can someone please file that under "things I just can’t believe aboutn the 2009-10 Oilers season" along with the…


GDB LXXI: Why we watch

On a wing and a prayer seems like a fitting theme for tonight as Devan Dubnyk goes for his first NHL win. Dubnyk is 146 minutes away from setting the NHL record for most minutes played without registering a win; and he’d love to avoid that illustrious honour.

GDB LXV: On streaks and streaking

Did you know the Oilers have only won consecutive home games twice this year? They won four straight in October on the 10th, 16th, 19th and 22nd, and they didn’t win two straight at home again until Feb 1st and 3rd over the Hurricanes and Flyers. In between those two heroic streaks, they lost nine…