UPDATED! Mr Poopy Pants II: Dany Comes Calling

HERE IT IS OFFICIALLY, as per Oilers release: OILERS HEMSKY TO HAVE SURGERY General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today right winger Ales Hemsky will undergo surgery to repair his left shoulder. Hemsky, 26, has played in 22 games this season recording seven goals and 15 assists.  The Pardubice,Czech native has played his entire career with the […]


Comparing This Year To Last Year

We’re far enough into 2009-10 to have a basic idea of what this year’s edition of the Edmonton Oilers is. Let’s look at this team and compare their projected numbers to the numbers from last season, and see if it fits with Steve Tambellini’s off-season moves.


GDB XXII: Preventing another Avalanche

It’s quite amusing how after one blow-out loss to Vancouver, many thought the Avalanche bubble had burst, and they were destined for the bottom of the standings. I don’t think they will stay in the top two in the West division, but I don’t see them plummeting to the bottom either.


Armchair GM VI: No news is bad news

With the Edmonton Oilers back home for five straight games at Rexall Place and slowly returning to health, an optimist might suggest there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately for Pat Quinn’s outfit, it’s probably a train.


Quarter pole results: grading the Oil

Report card time again. Like last season we will have a quarterly report card, at games 20, 41, 62 and then a final season ranking. The rankings will be based specifically on the respective quarter.


Fernando Pisani: Karma my ass

I’ve never put much faith in the concept of karma, and I’m thinking it’s even more of a load when I look at the health issues that have plagued Fernando Pisani of the Edmonton Oilers.


Winning games… step by step

One of Wanye’s favourite songs growing up was Step By Step by New Kids on the Block back in the ’80s and early ’90s. He especially loved the opening motorcycle scene, because the NKOTB thought it made them somehow look tougher.