First Star, Worst Star: November 8, 2015

I sit here, trying to remember a time before the Connor McDavid injury, and it all just seems like a blur. We were happy and prosperous and had dreams for the future. Now we live in a post-apocalyptic hellscape where nothing can grow and clans battle each other for control over gasoline and water. Actually, now…


Finally, some actual organizational depth

It has taken a decade but for the first time since 2006, it is beginning to look like the Oilers have some actual, useful organizational depth. Having prospects is one thing, having players who increase your chances of being competitive in the NHL is a completely different story, and the Oilers finally have some young players who are not only…


First Star, Worst Star: November 1, 2015

I’m going to go out on a limb here and I say I was not alone in spending most of my day on the couch, overeating leftover chocolate bars and promising myself I’ll never drink again (No Booze November?). I hope you all had fun last night, because it’s time to get back to business…


This Time

When the dust settles on this 2015-2016 season there’s every chance that my heart will be broken again if the Oilers miss the playoffs. Still, I write this on the eve of the season and I still hold out hope.



It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The red carpet event of the century! Of course I’m talking about the first annual Nation Awards! What are the Nation Awards? Probably the most important award show of our generation, and I’m not kidding.  


War Games: Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago Blackhawks

There’s a lot of discussion this time of year, especially for bad teams, about hypothetical trades that might be made over the summer. The trouble with a lot of these hypotheticals is that they end up being pretty self-serving; even the ones that aren’t Linus Omark-for-Shea Weber tend to serve one team better than the…


GDB 71.0: Miller makes debut

Andrew Miller will make his NHL debut tonight at the young age of 26. Miller was not drafted. He played in the USHL at 20, then spent four years at Yale before signing with the Oilers in April of 2013. He scored eight  goals and 34 points in 52 games in OKC last year, but…


First Star, Worst Star: March 8, 2015

Trade deadline has come and gone, teams are making one last surge for a playoff spot, and impact players are dropping like flies. First Star, Worst Star is as healthy as ever though!



View image | gettyimages.com Anton Lander will get to continue his quest to be more than a Tweener in the NHL now that he has been called up again. We remain hopeful that he can turn AHL success into the beginnings of an NHL career, but we’ve seen this story play out before. 


MacT and Nelson face many challenges

When you are a 30th place team every aspect of your team game is below average. This season the goalies, defence, forwards, coaching, scouting and management have all been underwhelming. Today, Dallas Eakins paid the price for the shortcomings of the team and was fired, but he is far from the only one who needs…


GDB 29.0: Duck Hunt

In 2010 Oilers fans had a different version of HOPE. Hall, Omark, Paajarvi and Eberle, but in 2014 the painful reality that the organization is in need of a complete overhaul grows stronger by the day. The Oilers overcame another horrendous start, battled back to tie the game, but once again their inability to score…