TCGD: More like American’t

Today is the round robin match that everyone has been waiting for. Team Canada vs. Team Our Parents Immigrated from Canada. As a child of the 80s it seems odd to consider the US as Canada’s chief hockey rival, but I can no longer trap myself in 1987 and continue to believe that the Russians…

TCGD – Canada Looks to Stay Perfect

View image | gettyimages.com Team Canada is off to an excellent, albeit expected start at this year’s World Juniors tournament, winning their first two games with ease. That being said, anything short of a regulation win tonight could put Canada in danger of being leapfrogged by Team USA in the Group A standings. 

TCGD: Here Come The Germans

View image | gettyimages.com Canada cruised by Slovakia with an 8-0 win yesterday and will look to keep the good times rolling against a vulnerable German squad tonight.


Monday Mailbag – October 6th

Another weekend is in the books, and that means we’re all looking for ways to distract ourselves on company time. Enter the mailbag. As always, I’ve taken your questions and fired them off to our writers. Now, the questions have been answered and it’s your time to put your feet up and halt all production. If you…



Yesterday we collectively looked into the abyss and decided who our Goats were going to be for the 2014-15 season. It’s a grim experience deciding who is going to be the fall guy for the inevitable woes in the season ahead. Should you make a mistake and name someone who has a good season your…



Anton Slepyshev is a skill-winger of note playing in the KHL. Edmonton drafted him in 2013 as an overager, and have been biding their time until the Russian’s contract expires. It’s likely they’ll sign him (if he’s willing), so we’re left to watch and wonder what he’ll bring if he plays in North America.


NHL Expansion: No Thanks

News broke yesterday that the NHL could be expanding by two teams, possibly as early as 2015. Gary Bettman downplayed the news and said the NHL currently has no plans, which is classic Bettman denial and likely sadly means the reports are probably true.  For the sake of hockey fans, specifically Canadian hockey fans, I hope the…



The Edmonton Oilers are predictable when it comes to their roster spots—so predictable that we can surround the opening night lineup with very little trouble. It’s been years since an actual surprise emerged and won a job during the pre-season, and it’s extremely unlikely to happen this season.



The Edmonton Oilers drafted Leon Draisaitl from the Prince Albert Raiders at No. 3 overall in the 2014 draft. Draisaitl is the fifth Raider Edmonton has drafted, and the fourth taken in the first round. It is NOT an all-star cast.