How do you feel about last night?

It was only one game and the series is still 2-2. Lots of hockey left.
45%, 292 votes
Nightmare game. Absolutely awful.
35%, 225 votes
Meh. See you Thursday.
20%, 133 votes
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  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Every goal they scored last night felt like I was meeting my Divorce Lawyer for another wasted hour long session @ $375.00 an hour.


  • McMagic

    I thought last nights game was incredible, Drai was a beast DD played like he was at least 4ft tall, all in all the best game since 06. Ohh wait this is asking about game four. In that case. OILERSNATION REFRAIN FROM GETTING WASTED UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE UPDATED THE POLLS.