Thoughts on Ken Holland as GM?

Love it!
29%, 678 votes
Hate it!
3%, 60 votes
I'll wait and see.
59%, 1375 votes
I was really hoping for someone else
9%, 201 votes
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  • ifiwasgm

    I’m nervous.
    I think Holland built his reputation on luck. He was very lucky to get guys like Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom with late round picks, and had Yzerman as well.
    Plus Detroit was a desirable place for free agents to want to go to.
    His latest body of work is very unimpressive.

    I have always loved how Detroit made their prospects earn their way vs Edm were they hand the jobs to every draft pick practically.
    Extremely poor development here, maybe he will help that.

  • Not a big ken holland fan. Imo he gets to much credit for a wings team that had an 80 million dollar payroll before the cap era. I suspect he will also over pay for under achieving veteran or 2 in the next couple of years and he will trade the nuge before the end of this season. Thats what i think. I hope im wrong. But the red wings are a broken team also and holland put them there.