Who do you think wins the Stanley Cup this year?

Vegas Golden Knights
8%, 82 votes
Winnipeg Jets
42%, 426 votes
Tampa Bay Lightning
4%, 42 votes
Washington Capitals
31%, 316 votes
I really don't care
15%, 149 votes
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  • Edmontoncanucks

    If i were a Bett-(ing)-man i would say it has to be a U.S. city that has never hoisted the Cuo before. Good business that..need to keep expanding in the U.S. So that makes it Washington or Vegas. In spite of the fact i think the Jets are the best remaining team. One must not go off the script.

  • Donnie Phillips

    Picking Vegas, only because of Marc Andre Fleury, whom the Oilers should have picked up when he was available??? Fire Cheralli Now Before He Trade’s Conner Away!!!!!